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Thread: WTB: Porsche 911/912 steel wheels ('67), removable headrest, etc...

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    WTB: Porsche 911/912 steel wheels ('67), removable headrest, etc...

    So, I've been kicking myself all day. I went to the swap at parts heaven this morning and pulled a bone head move. Up early, and arriving while people were still setting up, I took it slow being my first time there.
    I cruised along looking for a few pieces for my 67' 912 when I stumbled upon a set of (5) 7/'67 steel wheels at a booth. They were in great shape. Two potential buyers were there talking about them and I inquired as to how much they were. First mistake- don't ask the guy contemplating if he's gonna buy the wheels how much they are. $1200 was his answer. We both walk away. I wonder if I should have asked the guy selling them how much they were?

    Next, a few stalls down, there are a couple of removable headrests for pre '68 low back seats sitting on the table with a piece of tape on them stating $150/pair. Now those would have worked real well for the set of low back seats I have missin their removable headrests. So what did I do? Kept on walking telling myself they were too expensive- didn't even try to negotiate with him. Half an hour goes by and my better thought catches up with me and I say hey, I should go buy those headrests. Guess what?! They were no longer to be found anywhere. Couldn't even find the guy who I thought was selling them. Missed opportunity, no one to blame but myself.
    Now feeling pretty deflated and on my way out, I cruise back by the table that had the perfectly date coded beautiful condition steelies sitting under it. You'll never guess what happened next. Maybe you can... they had disappeared, along with my dignity. I had to ask how much they sold for, this time from the vendor. $500 bucks was his reply and I felt pretty dumb. A fair price for a beautiful set of wheels which was never meant to be.

    I tell you this tale in the hopes that the Porsche Gods have not forsaken me. My Dad, a big time aficionado of all kinds of forgotten vehicles in various states of disrepair is rolling over in his grave.

    I'm sure there are those of you who missed out on that Pre-A because you couldn't pull the trigger, so im no feeling too bad.
    I'm putting it out there that I'm looking for a set of removable headrests and a set of date coded steel wheels for a 1967 912.

    Thanks to parts heaven for the swap. It looked to be a great turn out and there were plenty of guys carrying off goodies they found hopefully at reasonable prices. The two guys who found the old school set of mechanical corner weight scales were pretty cool.

    So here's my list:
    '67 matching month steel wheels (4 or 5)
    Removable headrests for pre'68 lowback seats
    Wood Shift Knob
    Wood Sport Steering Wheel
    Door panels/cards
    Set of 1967 Headlight Buckets
    Set of 1967 Fenders
    Blaupunkt Radio knobs
    Windshield Washer fluid reservoir

    1967 Porsche 912
    1964 Amazon Wagon
    1965 Pontiac GTO
    1966 Pontiac GTO Convertible
    1967 Mustang Fastback
    1968 Mustang Fastback GTA
    1956 MGA (local road race history)
    1958 AH BN6 (small block Ford 289)
    1962 AH BN7 MKII
    1955 AH BN1 100M w/race history
    1955 AH BN1 100-4 unrestored driver
    1956 AH BN2 100M Factory

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    how soon do you need the steel wheels? I have two 67 parts cars with steel wheels (both 15x4), one really nice chrome, but i dont know the date stamps/month.. the other is standard painted grey steel wheels. both cars are in storage.. but if you can wait we are buying a new home this summer, and once we get the house i can remove the wheels.

    same goes for door panels (nice and no speaker holes!), a dash board with no cracks at all, and headlights.

    if you can be patient til late summer or fall for us to find our new place (we sold our house and are in an apt while we look), let me know.
    Harry Hoffman
    1968 912 #3656, burgundy red 'Fritz'. Some mods..
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    Headrests for pre 68? It's my understanding that even early 68s did not come with headrests.

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    yes, there were headrests available in pre 67 cars as a comfort feature.. a true headrest. these were the same type found in 356s. they offered no safety protection in an accident. what was mandatory starting in 68 were headrests that provided neck support and protection against whiplash and neck trauma

    below are pics of what the 67 and earlier headrests looked like. these were an option that could be purchased either by the factory or at the dealership. you can see in the pics how they would offer no safety advantages and only for comfort.

    Harry Hoffman
    1968 912 #3656, burgundy red 'Fritz'. Some mods..
    912 Registry charter member #912R0195-C
    Early 911S Registry Member #2070
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    Quote Originally Posted by gsjohnson View Post
    Headrests for pre 68? It's my understanding that even early 68s did not come with headrests.
    The pre 1968 cars with "lowback" seats came with headrests as an option.

    PS Harry, the photos of the black seats with headrests you posted were mine! I took those photos around 2005. They were beautiful to look at, but after 6 months of being tossed side to side, I splurged on a pair of Peter Z Vintage 911R seats. What a world of difference. The 911R were way better for driving....
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    I don't know why you are beating yourself up. You avoided spending a lot of money for something as worthless as same date wheels, and headrests that are purely appearance items when you need basic stuff like fenders.

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    Hi Harry, I can wait till you're situated.
    My contact is
    Let me know when you're ready.

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    Sounds good John. I also have the mounting brackets for the headrests, but not the headrests themselves. I have one metal fender and one fiberglass fender as well.. though i cannot comment on the quality of the one metal fender until i remove it... Anyways, I will keep youre info and you will be the 1st one I contact once we can get into a house. We're getting really sick of this 1 bedroom apt (its only been a month so far, with 3 more til our short term lease is up).. we're eager to get out so hopefully we can find something soon.
    Harry Hoffman
    1968 912 #3656, burgundy red 'Fritz'. Some mods..
    912 Registry charter member #912R0195-C
    Early 911S Registry Member #2070
    356 Registry Member #36691

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