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Thread: Seeking help to identify a 1970 s 9110301383

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    Seeking help to identify a 1970 s 9110301383 rally ?

    Hello everyone
    I am new to the forum
    So thanks for taking me aboard
    We ( father and son) got our hands on one 911
    We think it is an evex body kit
    After a little bit of investigation we have found many rare options
    Factory footrest
    .Undercoating deleted
    .No heater tubes in body( cap in the rear no holes in front)
    .Gas heater
    .Factory rollbar mounting points
    .Factory racing seatbelts mounts
    .reinforcements on rear shock towers
    .recaro s
    .Looks like glove box was added somewhere in time
    .One piece knee bar ( there is no sign of an hashtray ever)
    .No dash facia
    .Limited slip
    .Aluminium cover for smugglers box
    .no guiding tubes for front and rear Hood
    .no bracket for the seats on central tunnel
    .8080silver met paint
    So far that is what we found .any help would be appreciate to identify this rare
    Sorry for my mistakes in english mon français est bien meilleur
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    Bonjour Olivier. Welcome to the forum.

    There are no sequence to most of the factory S competition cars. But there are a whole host of them not accounted for.
    Especially the private cars with the factory competition sport kits. I thought i had found a car that was within 5 numbers of 2 famous cars. No such luck ! Unless the number is known, your best bet is to contact Porsche for further details. Photo's please.

    Bon Chance !
    beltwerks will attend the LA lit meet.
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    Welcome! Let's see some pictures of your find!!
    Peter Kane

    '72 911S Targa
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    sheet metal thickness

    any of you knows the sheet metal thickness of a regular body versus an s/t?
    just to confirm my findings by an expert

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    Very exciting

    Quote Originally Posted by stretch View Post
    . . . your best bet is to contact Porsche for further details. Photo's please . . .
    Yes-yes --- definitely contact Porsche Classic. I'm sure that someone there will respond

    Give them every number that you have --- VIN, production number, eng + trans #s, and show proof-of-ownership . . . and I would recommend photographs, as well

    HtH + good luck

    PS Pictures, please?

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    Yes we will contact porsche classic (the car got in the shop on friday)but in the waiting time we just try to get as much info as we can
    photos will follow
    we are really really excited about this car
    my dad says it reminds him alot of the 911s 1968 the ex-bienvenu

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    Welcome. From Quebec? If I can be of any assistance let me know.
    Porsche Historian, contact for Kardex
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    here a few photos70s 320.jpg70s 299.jpg70s 301.jpg70s 308.jpg70s 315.jpg
    what do you guys think of that?

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    looking good so far. Do you have a picture inside the front trunk. Fuel tank. ? What colour headlining. What about a better shot of the gauges.
    The harness mount in front of the rollbar plate is an interesting feature on a LWB car.
    beltwerks will attend the LA lit meet.
    S Registry # 1660
    Le Belgique ST build.

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