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Thread: 1969 'Rally-Rod'

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    Chassis: entire chassis stich-welded

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    Chassis: double-bottom fuel tank with centerfill (found here on the registry forum)

    Through-the-hood filler kit purchased from Marek





    The reflective tape on the front of the filler tube is a nice touch:
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    Chassis: all-metal flares and bumpers no fiberglass!

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    Chassis: aluminum rear decklid and license plate panel

    The rear-most part of a 911 is a fine place to try to save a little weight. That's why I went with an aluminum decklid and license plate panel - both reproductions. I acquired the decklid from the same guy in Germany who supplied the flares. At that time he was advertising on German eBay and planned to start a website called ST-Manufaktur to sell his wares but it never materialized. I think the same parts are now available from multiple sources, but I couldn't tell you for certain. I know the prices I paid are a fraction of what I see now!


    Packing for international shipment was not the guy's strong point. The upper left corner of the decklid was bent:

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    Chassis: Glasurit single-stage #22 paint in Lindgruen/Chartreuse

    David C. Treichel Auto Refinishing of Sherwood, Wisconsin did the fine metalwork and paint. No words are necessary to describe the incredible attention to detail and phenomenal results:

    Painted ST.jpg


    Painted ST Project (49).jpg

    Painted ST Project (14).jpg

    No one will ever see it from this angle, but it was still important to Dave:
    Painted ST Project (38).jpg
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    Chassis: more paint pictures

    pictures to follow
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    Chassis: interior/underbody paint in GT satin black

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    Chassis: weatherproofing

    I asked Aaron and Dave to pay careful attention to corrosion proofing through a light, judicious, targeted application of underbody schutz, plus body cavity wax and seam sealer. I don't plan to drive it on Chicago's salt-encrusted and pothole-riddled wintertime streets, but it won't be a fair weather garage queen, either.


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    Chassis: targeted application of dynamat extreme sound deadening mat

    It's still loud when driving down the road, but not over the top.

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    Chassis: RSR style front strut brace

    I have to chuckle a bit when I see aftermarket strut braces on modern sports/sporty cars. Those chassis are already so stiff... But on a 45 year old Porsche now equipped with modern tires, I suspect a strut brace is really working hard.



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