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Thread: 1969 'Rally-Rod'

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    Chassis: Mud flaps and H1 headlights (found here on the registry forum)

    I love these mudflaps sourced through Marek here on the registry. They are my favorite feature of the whole car, especially because several people have told me "nice Porsh [sic] but loose the dorky mudflaps."



    I mention the H1s because they are another of many parts found right here on the registry forum, before prices became ridiculous.

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    Chassis: Cibie reproduction driving lights (found here on the registry forum)

    I love the look of Cibie hood lights on a 911. For positioning, I was free of any need to make them historically accurate, so I wanted them positioned right in the corner of the hood's inner frame, where they have the stiffest possible mounting so they don't jiggle while driving down the road. You can see that the backing plates were ground down a bit to make them fit right in the hood frame's corners.


    I'm also very happy with the look:
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    Chassis: Through-the-grill lights, brackets, horn grills (Auto Foreign Services)

    As everyone here is already aware, the quality of Eric Linden's horn grills is fantastic. He also provided the NOS Carello lights and brackets.

    An in-progress shot by 'Digital K' displaying excellent Bokeh:
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    Suspension: Elephant racing/von shocks double-adjustable spring/shock package

    I am very happy with Elephant Racing's double-adjustable spring/shock/strut package with integrated bump-steer adjustment. Spindles are raised 19mm over stock, the maximum possible with 15" wheels (though we might have been able to raise them a bit more since we are also using 25mm wheel spacers in front). The spring and damper rates are not too aggressive - I wanted the car to have responsive and precise handling but remain supple and compliant. You'll also notice in some pictures the ride height is not set too low. Again, this was chosen based on usability rather than look.



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    Suspension: stock front A-arms on RSR products low-friction sealed mounts

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    Suspension: Elephant Racing ASP rear spring plates

    I'm not sure how many ASP spring plates Chuck has sold, I only know that I scratch my head when I see a high-end build that does not include them. They had a transformative effect on the handling of my (former) '72 track car when installed in 2007 and I have been an evangelist for them ever since. They also make camber, toe and ride height adjustments very easy.

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    Suspension: aluminum rear trailing arms and front crossmember

    Another example of where I think "isn't it cool that stronger/stiffer/lighter components from later model 911s can easily be used on this old chassis."


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    Suspension: Elephant Racing monoballs

    I think these all came from Elephant Racing...



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    Suspension: Tarrett RSR-look adjustable anti-roll bars and adjustable droplinks

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    Suspension: Wevo rear ARB mounts

    I tore the stock rear anti-roll bar mounts off my '72 track car, then tore the replacement heavily-reinforced stock mounts off that car. This car may not have as stiff a suspension or as wide a rear tire to put such high stresses on the mounts, but regardless I decided to go all-in with this car and use the Wevo mounts, plus the extra stiffening pieces shown earlier in post #9 of this thread.

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