I know that the outer door top moulding/trim pieces are different between a coupe and targa, with the coupe's being aluminum and the targa's chrome, plus the notch at the rear is longer on the coupe to accommodate the window frame, but was there any difference in the shape?

The reason I ask is that I received door trim for my '73 coupe (it currently has none), and when I set it in place to see how it would look, I noticed that the front end of the trim is wider than what was there previously. I know this because the most recent "painter" simply masked over the door trim instead of removing it, thus leaving an outline of where the old trim was - which is narrower than the trim I just received.

I have two sets of trim for my '77 Targa (black and chrome). When I compared the coupe trim to both the Targa trim pieces, I see that the Targa trim pieces narrow as they approach the front (outside edge curves in), which matches the paint line on the coupe - so I'm a bit confused at the moment.

As you can see in the photo, the coupe trim is 2mm wider than the targa trim at the front. They are both the same width at the rear, but then the targa trim starts curving in on the outside edge starting at around the vent window.

Were there any differences in the shape for coupe's door trim from '65 to '77 (other than color)? PET lists the same part numbers from '65 to '77 (and possibly further - I didn't check), but oddly shows two line items for '65-'67 and '68+, but the same part number. Was the '65-'67 coupe trim possibly wider at the front (like what I have) and then this was superseded to the later part which has a taper at the front?

I guess what I'm trying to ask is, is the door trim I have correct for a '73 coupe?


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Coupe:top, Targa:bottom
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