New Porsche owner looking for help working on car in your or my garage. Live in South Orange County on the South end. San Juan Capistrano to be specific. I want to start learning these cars and motors but Iím not best friends with a Porsche Mechanic. All of my mechanic friends come from my BMW days. I am a recent convert. And the shops these days donít necessarily like you hovering over them when they work on your car LOL. Also, the tricky part about mine is itís a 1968 911 normale chassis with a 1980 Porsche 911 SC motor. I am picking up a 1968 NON-Matching motor for it tomorrow that will need a full rebuild eventually. So you will need a little bit of vintage knowledge as well as the CIS motor knowledge. I am also looking for a good body guy that might want to show me some things. I am willing to pay for the help and knowledge. So, somebody that is a retired Porsche mechanic, or someone with some time on their hands that wants to help with some projects and impart some valuable knowledge, I am all ears. Maybe some of you know somebody in the area as well. I figured I would just though this out there, canít hurt. That is what this community is all about right, getting the right people together for the job and having fun doing it. PM me if interestedÖ..thanks for reading.