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Thread: Chasing squeak in steering column

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    Chasing squeak in steering column

    I have had this squeak develop in my steering column such that when I turn the steering wheel from 12 o'clock to 1 o'clock position I get a high pitched squeak which sounds like two pieces of metal rubbing slightly. I do NOT get this noise when I return the wheel back to the left. From 1 o'clock to high noon.

    I pulled the wheel off and lubed inside of the column but this did not quiet things down. So next I removed the turn signal cancel ring figuring the metal edges were somehow scraping against the hub. No dice.

    My next bet is to remove the horn contact ring and see if that works. I am at a loss as to how this may cause the problem unless the spring contact is rubbing the contact ring in such a peculiar way. If so, why does'nt the spring and ring give off the same squeak when I move it counterclockwise???

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    Before going further, when you look at your wheel, do you have the magic spring and circlip on it?

    Also, what do the bearings look & feel like in the shaft?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 37yrold911 View Post
    Before going further, when you look at your wheel, do you have the magic spring and circlip on it?

    Also, what do the bearings look & feel like in the shaft?
    Not sure what the magic spring is. .... When I put the wheel on the shaft I put a big spring in first on the shaft so that the wheel does not rub against the housing.

    My car is a 69 and I have a zuffenhaus RS wheel with extended hub. I do not see any circlip on the unit.

    FWIW, I used to have an aftermarket Fittipaldi wheel and I sometimes got this same sound. I would spray white grease in the shaft and it would go away for awhile. Another thing too. With the Fittipaldi, I could push the steering wheel on the left side and pull up/out on the wheel while turning and could get the squeak to stop while making that slight turn clockwise. I hope I am explaining well.

    BTW, I have not looked at the bearings... what am I looking for?

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    See if the bearings move easily, or feel "gritty"

    It sounds like something is rubbing. Can you post any high quality close up pics?

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    Don't know if this is your noise, but there needs to be a light film of grease on the horn contact ring, this can be a source of a squeak.
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    I'm not the OP from this old thread, but I just want to confirm that Ed's fix worked for me. I'm guessing that the horn contact ring originally had some kind of self-lubricating metal coating on it, and that's long since worn through. A light film of grease eliminated my squeak, but the horn still works perfectly. Thanks Ed!
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