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Thread: Jerry's RSR in the Shmamptons...

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    Jerry's RSR in the Shmamptons...

    hope its not a dbl post..

    I searched for 12 seconds........

    Hey Id be a bit nervous as well...go JS!

    oops..just found it was posted yesterday in the Celebrity's cars bad

    ....btw, I enjoyed that silly was kinda fun to see who owned what...and as some1 asked, where r all those cars?
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    Seems like a dated price for a RSR!

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    this article suggests she hit the car... but the pictures don’t show any damage.

    The New York Post reports that Seinfeld was chilling in the Hamptons, getting coffee at a cafe when he saw a middle-aged woman in a new BMW sedan pull in front of his Porsche parked across the street. That's when she backed right into the car, damaging it.

    "We could hear the sound of metal crunching — rare, classic, expensive, vintage metal, by the way — from across the street. A sickening sound to a car person,'' Seinfeld said.
    Ugh. Everyone knows that sound. It sucks. While the damage doesn't sound extensive, and Seinfeld can certainly afford to get it fixed, the real shame here is that the car was a rare RSR model of which only 49 were built in 1973.

    But that's not the worst part — that would be the clueless, classless way the BMW driver acted next.

    "Of course, her reply was not, 'Oh, my God, I'm so sorry,' but, 'Well, I couldn't see it.' She didn't seem to understand why I would be upset or how this was in any way her fault," Seinfeld said.

    "She drove off. She did offer to give me her information, but the idea of having her in my life for one more second was intolerable."

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    You know .... if I had that car or any car that I truly cared about and was concerned about being damaged .... I wouldn't park the car in harms way. Just the opposite, I would put it where I know it wouldn't be harmed. I do this with my cars now.

    I find it interesting that Seinfeld took offense that the woman wasn't more careful. Really? I think he should of been more careful.

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    Ya, this car is a million bucks now. I just wont park my classics in the city anymore. i dont need a 97 honda civic parked in the trunk of my Porsches or alfa's

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    The folks in the Hamptons have nice wheels.
    Awesome BMW and Ford SUV, oh the Porsche is not bad too .

    From the Daily Mail online:

    Quite the collection: Jerry Seinfeld got nervous when a woman backed up too close to his 1973 Porsche 911 RSR, which has sold in recent years at $366,000 and $456,000

    Time to intervene: The actor had strong words with the woman in the car in front in The Hamptons on Monday

    Impressive collection: Jerry has over a dozen cars worth from between $14,000 to a staggering $3.35million

    Heading off: The woman decided to park somewhere else and was seen driving away from the 60-year-old's vehicle.
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    Jerry's looking quite buff these days....

    and .........just looking at the pics makes me think this is a perfect scene for his old show....really perfect.

    Hey Jer..pls do a "" THIS beast.

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    Gimme that Rye you old Bag
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