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Its back... The fourth annual Thanksgiving weekend Rallye Du Citrouille is happening yet again. This year I hope to make it bigger, better, and more fan than its been to date. We learned quite a bit last year, with over 100 cars showing up we were thrilled that there was so much interest. People have come from as far as Georgia and Florida for this in the past and I hope to get people from even farther away this year. We never could have predicted such a turn out and our traditional follow the leader method did not work as planed (I apologize to those who got lost). To counteract this we will have better directions posted this year and as per popular suggestion we will stagger the groups a bit. That being said there is lots to do in the next month to get this event well underway. I am reaching out to the pelican community as many have offered to help out in the past. Here is what still needs to be planed.

- A finalized route, I would like to keep it running through the hawks nest in Port Jervis as that has always been the trip. Although suggestions for routes along the way are always welcome.

- A place to eat afterwords. Traditionally we have stopped in a small burger joint in Port Jervis but some suggested going to a winery. I really like this idea and if any one knows of one between there and the NYC area I would love to hear suggestions. Even a bigger restaurant would be nice. Keep in mind this is late in the season so some places may be closed.

- Group leaders, you will be responsible for knowing the route and leading a small group of cars, the more volunteers the better here.

- Ideas for the magnet design. Those who attended last year know that I got nice little rally badges for all the cars (even though they went out late) I would like to do so again so if any one has ideas for them post a pic here.

F.A.Q (questions I have gotten in the past and have answers to)
- This is a free event, there is no sign up, just show up
- This has always been a free event I have no intention of changing that.
- Traditionally this has been a Porsche Only Event.
- We are not responsible for what you do during the day. The law is the law, the Rally does not endorse speeding or reckless behavior, this is a fun event and there is no winner.
- All plans will be updated on this original post so please check back here for info
- You can spread the word to all Porsche owners you know including local PCA chapter, the more the merrier.
- This is not a PCA event and I would like to keep it that way, the PCA has many rules about their events, not all of which this conforms to.


Date: 11/29/14
Starting Location: Rye Playland
Starting Time: 8:00 AM Local time
Route: TBD (will have other meeting points)
Follow Us On Twitter: @PumpkinRallye
Event Email:

More to come...