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Thread: R, RS and RSR clone cars, hot rods, R gruppe cars, or otherwise for Sale

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    Quote Originally Posted by DOUGS73E View Post
    Could you share the VIN (Chassis Number)? GLWTS.
    Koskin Import, Tapionkatu 5, 37600 Valkeakoski, Finland.
    1973 Porsche 911T Targa
    VIN: -
    Engine: (3.6 Conversion)
    Trans: -
    Color: Red/Black
    Mileage: -
    Price: €75,000/~US$84,000

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    FS: @eBay - 1972 Porsche 911T Targa with Built 3.2L

    1972 Porsche 911T Targa with Built 3.2L On Ebay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Alfonso View Post
    1970 Porsche 911T Coupe, Lot#18979
    VIN: 9110102310
    Sold for: NO SALE (Highest bid: $106,000 on 5/20/19)

    Name:  70 RSR 1.jpg
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    Doug Dill

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    FS: @PCA Classifieds - 1970 911T Coupe - RSR Tribute

    PCA Website Classified Ads
    1970 Porsche 911T, Ad#38681
    VIN: -
    Engine: -
    Trans: -
    Color: Silver Metallic/Black
    Mileage: 118,000 (claimed)
    Price: US$79,911 (11/04/19 - new price: US$60,000 - Ad#41574)

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    Seller's Description:

    She is a 1970 911 t , built into a 3.4 efi , 915 RSR under the watchful eye of Dave Bouzaglou at TRE Motorsports. On 5-2-19 Craig Stanton drove her at willow springs and said only sell if you have too. Well her she is . Way to much to list here. Track/Canyon car , completely dialed in driver.
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    Doug Dill

    1973 911E Coupe
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    BaT No Reserve Auction - 1981 gulf blue backdate turbo with 420 hp


    1981 Porsche 911 Backdated Turbo Hot Rod

    VIN #WP0AA0913BS120587

    This is a 1981 Porsche 911 SC that has been backdated with factory steel body panels to look like a 1973 911 RS. I have owned the car since 2013 and have performed a full mechanical and cosmetic upgrade and refresh in that time. A rust and accident free ’81 SC coupe with fully galvanized chassis in black with 105,000 miles was the basis of this conversion which was begun by the previous owner around 2012. A thorough glass out color change to Gulf Blue was performed and the front end backdate was done at that time using fiberglass parts for the conversion. Within a week of my taking delivery of the car in 2013 I was in an accident that damaged the fiberglass pieces on the front end (photos of accident damage included). There was no chassis or suspension damage at all. I had the car repaired by Eurotech Bodywerkes in Kirkland, Washington using all factory steel parts, including the correct early latch panel, factory hood, and factory early S front bumper. The rear bumper and duck tail are now the only fiberglass body panels on the car. The drivetrain has been upgraded with a 1978 930 3.3 liter turbo motor running through an early short bell housing 930 transmission (4 speed) with limited slip differential. The motor has less than 4,000 miles since a rebuild by European Autowerke in Fall City, Washington and makes a dyno proven 359 wheel hp (420 crank HP assuming 15% driveline loss) and 324 lb/ft of torque (380 crank lb/ft). Suspension and brakes have been significantly upgraded to match. The car weighs 2,360 lbs, which makes for a power to weight ratio of 5.61 Lbs per HP (better than a Hellcat and just shy of a new Z06 Corvette).

    • Rust free chassis with approximately 115,000 current miles
    • Professionally backdated by Eurotech Bodywerkes in Kirkland, Washington at a cost of over $17,000 using factory steel hood, latch panel, fenders, and early S bumper and painted Gulf Blue
    • This 1978 3.3 turbo motor (type 930/61, serial number 6880280) was rebuilt in 2016 by Bernd Buschen of European Autowerke in Fall City, Washington, and has new JE pistons making 8.0:1 compression, Web 964 profile cams, K27-7200 turbo, GHL headers with heat, Rarelyl8 Hooligan muffler, Turbokraft custom large core intercooler to fit under a ducktail, 964 recirculation valve, Leask WUR, Leask RPM switch, Euro fuel head, MSD fully programmable ignition system with custom advance curve and boost retard, Tial Wastegate with a 0.2 bar spring, and a Turbosmart Eboost electronic boost controller allowing switching between 336 hp (0.2 bar), 380 hp (0.5 bar), and 420 hp (0.7 bar) at the touch of a button. During the recent rebuild the heads were completely rebuilt with new valves and guides and were twin glugged, but the motor is still running single plug ignition. With a change to a larger turbo, electronic fuel injection, and using twin plugs, this motor could easily make over 500 hp without any additional modifications.

    This motor is very streetable and reliable. Unlike stock 930 motors that make no power off boost and then hit hard when boost comes on, the higher compression, 964 cams, revised advance curve, less restrictive intercooler, free flowing exhaust, and faster spooling turbo combine to give this motor very good off boost performance that transitions to power on boost in a quick and predictable manner. Additionally the 964 style recirculation valve is much more efficient that the stock 930 manifold in maintaining boost in on/off throttle situations. This all adds up to a powerful and responsive motor that is a joy to drive whether on boost or not.

    In low boost (0.2 bar) tune it makes 286 whp (336 crank hp) and 250 wlb/ft (294 crank lb/ft). In this tune peak torque is at 5,500 rpm and it feels like a large and powerful naturally aspirated motor. This makes for a very approachable and predictable power curve that is great for the uninitialed or limited traction situations (rain). Still, at this boost level the motor is making over 50 hp more than a stock 3.6 varioram motor from a 993.

    At high boost (0.7 bar) the motor makes 359 whp (420 crank hp) and 324 wlb/ft (381 crank lb/ft). Notice on the dyno sheet that at this setting you are at almost peak torque at 3,600 rpm and hp climbs and holds all the way to the 7,000 rpm redline. This is a lot of power in such a light car, but it can put it down effectively with the torque biasing differential and 245 tires. If you put your foot down, you better be sure you have room in front of you and know where you are going, because you’ll get there sooner than you think.

    • The transmission is a 1976 short bellhousing 930 transmission with Quaif torque biasing limited slip diff and Rennshift housing with tall shift lever, new shift bushings, and 917 style wood shift knob. The transmission was rebuilt by Mike Garriga of Stoddard in 2011 and opened and examined again in 2016 by European Autowerke with no issues found.
    • Engine oil is cooled by the stock motor mounted cooler and a Carrera style cooler in the front passenger fender with a high flow (700 CFM) electric fan. These coolers keep the temperatures in a reasonable range for street use (180-190 degrees in high ambient temp transitions from freeway to stop and go traffic), but if someone wanted to track the car regularly the car would possibly need a second front cooler depending on ambient temps and skill of the driver.
    • The car runs duel Bosch 044 fuel pumps, one at the fuel tank in front and one before the motor, mounted just behind the driver side back seat.
    • Front brakes are 993 brake calipers over early style two-piece 930 turbo rotors with aluminum center hats from Rebel Racing and rear brakes are aftermarket Brembos that are the same dimensions/specs as 993 rear calipers over 930 rear rotors. The master cylinder is a new, boosted 23mm unit. New stainless steel flex lines were installed at all four corners. These brakes are very strong, especially for such a light car, and more than capable of handling all the power this car puts out and then some.
    • Suspension consists of Elephant racing Poly-bronze bushings, Elephant Racing sport hardness rubber trailing arm bushings, 21/27 torsion bars, Bilstein HD inserts in Boge struts on the front and Bilstein Sports on the rear, turbo tie rods, new ball joints, and factory 20mm sway bars front and rear. The car is tight and handles beautifully without being harsh or uncomfortable on the street.
    • The car runs on 16x8 Fuch wheels from a 944 turbo in front and 16x9 inch Fuch wheels in back with 205/55/16 and 245/45/16 RE11 Tires with over 95% tread left on them.
    • A 935 style boost gauge is in place of clock
    • The oil temp gauge was upgraded with a new old style gauge that is numerically graduated and calibrated unit.
    • Seats are GTS Classics ST style fiberglass backed units with houndstooth inserts
    • RS style carpet kit with deleted rear seats
    • RS style door panels with reproduction metal pulls instead of plastic.
    • Radio delete plate with IROC style shift sticker (can easily be removed)
    • Brand new Dansk reproduction 100 liter (26.4 gallon) rally fuel tank with correct long fuel level sender.
    • LED projector headlights provide hugely upgraded visibility at night. No modifications required to fit these and thus easily replaceable with H4’s or other stock lights if so desired.
    • New heater control valves
    • New sunroof seals
    • New rear window seal
    • Vacuum accumulator tank and fuel evaporation charcoal filter are hidden in the smugglers box.
    • Vinyl dash cover over the stock SC dash.
    • Freshly restored sun visors.
    • 964 RS hood prop rod.

    Walk around and driving video:

    Cold Start Video:

    Acceleration video:
    Attached Images Attached Images       
    1969 911 ST w/ 2.8SS
    1973 911 RS tribute with 3.3 turbo
    1970 914-6 w/ 2.2S (sold)
    1972 BMW M2 (sold)
    R Gruppe #338
    S Reg # 855

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    1973 Porsche 3.6L 911T Coupe
    VIN: 9113101703
    Engine: ??
    Trans: ???
    Color: rose red
    Mileage: 92,432 (indicated)
    Price: US$102,000

    Owned since 1994, original paint, no rust. In all the Porsche events I have been to, I have not seen this color (Rose Red) on any other car...ever. The car has not been driven in the rain since I owned the car. In 2002 2.4L CIS upgraded to 3.6L - w/two oil coolers, 915 transmission, 930 turbo brakes, Fuchs wheels, Weltmeister sway bars, GT ZF diff, Recaro seats.

    My 1973 is truly the best of both worlds, the original shell of a vintage 911, with modern power, brakes, and suspension. All work done by Jeff Gamroth/Rothsport in Sherwood, Oregon. If you do not know Rothsport Racing, research his shop, it is one of the best in the country. I have all documentation for all work completed. This is a one of a kind 911, an amazing driving experience. Approximately 5,000 miles on the car since the 3.6 upgrade (work started when 85700 miles).

    PCA member for 25 years, too much detail to list here, let me know what questions you have.

    I am happy to help coordinate a pre-purchase inspection.

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    Name:  01313_aGRD2lD3s77_1200x900.jpg
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    Currently in between Porsches. Sold my 73.5T Targa, now suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms. Attending Rennsport Reunion VI didn't really help getting over it.

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    FS: @BaT - 1973 3.6L 911E 'RSR Tribute' Coupe

    Bring-a-Trailer Website Auction
    1973 Porsche 911E 3.6L RSR-Style Coupe, Lot #20213
    VIN: 9113200123
    Engine: -
    Trans: -
    Color: Viper Green/Black
    Mileage: -
    Auction Estimate: -
    Sold for: US$170,000 +BaT fee (on 06/25/19)

    Name:  73E 1.jpg
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    Name:  73E 7.jpg
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    BaT Description:

    This 1973 Porsche 911E coupe was modified in the RSR-style by Gary Dielacher of GD Racing in San Bruno, California. The build was commissioned in 2011 and began with a 1973 911E chassis that was purchased from Los Angeles, California. Carbon fiber and fiberglas composite body panels were fitted prior to a repaint in Viper Green, and the interior was refurbished with replica ST seats and RSR-style components. A 3.6L flat-six from a 1997 993 Carrera was then installed and paired with a rebuilt 915 5-speed manual transaxle with a limited-slip differential. Additional modifications include polycarbonate windows, 17″ Zuffenhaus wheels, Bilstein shocks, and an upgraded braking system. The car was purchased by the seller in October 2018 and fitted with further updates including a new fuel tank with a front-trunk filler neck and billet cap. Approximately 800 miles have been added since the build was completed, and the car is now being offered with a Porsche Production Specifications certificate, invoices from the build, records from the seller, and a clean California title.

    The car is finished in Viper Green, and the paint is shown up close in gallery photographs below. The floor pans were replaced after pinholes were discovered following media blasting to bare metal. Carbon and composite materials were then utilized in order to meet the original RSR weight target of 1,850 pounds. The central roof panel was replaced with carbon fiber, which involved flanging the factory metal for a recessed bond interface while leaving the factory A and B pillars. Fiberglass composite doors are attached with aluminum hinges, and fiberglass front fenders, front and rear RS-style bumpers, and a carbon fiber rear engine lid with an integrated ducktail were installed. The fiberglass composite rear fenders are bonded to the tub. The seller reports that the weight of the car is around 1,900 pounds with a few gallons of fuel.

    The glass for the doors, rear windows, and rear windshield was replaced with polycarbonate, and 911R-style leather straps are used to raise and lower the windows with snap fasteners for open and closed positions. The factory glass front windshield remains in place. H4 headlights have replaced the factory units and new chrome trim rings were fitted. New front and rear turn indicator lenses with amber corners are housed in the original long hood boxes.

    Staggered width 17″ Fiske/Zuffenhaus wheels feature an RSR finish by Harvey Weidman and are 9″ wide up front and 11″ wide out back. The wheels are fitted with Kumho Ecsta XS tires measuring 245/45 and 315/35 with date codes from 2014.

    Replica ST seats with perforated leather and corduroy fabric inserts were built by Michael Eberhardt at Vintage Seats in Cumming, Georgia. The seats weigh approximately 14 pounds each and are secured with double locking Recaro seat rails. A factory black headliner, RSR-style door panels, and a custom RSR-style lightweight carpet set have also been installed.

    A Rennsport shifter with factory rubber boot has been fitted, and the radio and heater controls have been removed along with the glovebox door. The removed glovebox door and its trim are included. A 380mm 914-6 steering wheel was sent to Autobahn Interiors in San Diego, California for restoration and was double-wrapped to emulate the original RS steering wheels. The gauges include a restored 10k-rpm tachometer and a 180-mph speedometer that hosts a six-digit odometer indicating 820 miles. The seller has added around 350 miles during their ownership.

    Power comes from a 3.6L VarioRam flat-six from a 1997 993 Carrera. The builder sourced a low mileage example with the intent of a rebuild, but after a review and leak down test showing 2-3% on cylinders 1-4 and 6, and with cylinder 5 at 4%, the decision was made to not rebuild the engine. The Motronic DME was reflashed to disable the drive-block and multiple OBDII sensors, and the fuel maps were tuned for better performance. 1.75” headers and an internally modified Dansk sport muffler were installed, along with RSR-style outlets. The thermostat was replaced, and factory 930 oil lines were routed to an in-fender aluminum oil cooler with fan as well as a second RS-style oil cooler in the front air dam opening.

    A 915 5-speed manual transaxle with a 40% locking ZF limited-slip differential was sourced from a late-model 1986 car and was rebuilt before being installed. Recent service has consisted of the following:

    February 5, 2019 – Fuel tank level sensor gasket and ignition lock cover kit replaced
    March 15, 2019 – New M30 to AN16 fitting for front oil coolers installed
    April 8, 2019 – Oil service, oil and fuel filters replaced with Mahle products, raise of rear ride height by Ryan Turri

    Aluminum rear trailing arms from a 1976 Carrera have replaced the factory steel items. Green Bilstein HD shocks were installed in front, and yellow Bilstein Sport shocks were fitted in the rear. The torsion bars are 19mm in front and 23mm in the rear, and the sway bars mimic the factory 1973 RS sizes of 16mm in front and 18mm out back. The front brakes consist of rebuilt 944 Turbo calipers with slotted and drilled rotors, while the rear brakes are refinished 1986 Carrera disc brakes with slotted rotors. The stock 19mm brake master cylinder was replaced with a 23mm unit to accommodate the brake upgrade.

    A 65-liter fuel tank installed by the seller in March 2019 and is filled from inside the front trunk. A 15×5.5″ Fuchs spare wheel is fitted with a 195/60 tire, and a Rebel Racing front strut brace, Rennline aluminum blower motor assembly cover, custom billet fuel filler cap, and black smuggler’s box cover.

    Build receipts for the parts and labor date from 2011 to 2016, and additional records from the seller are also included. Two additional engine lids accompany the sale, with both being painted at the same time as the body to ensure a match. The unit is a flat fiberglass lid with an early black aluminum grille installed. A 964 lid with the associated wing that raises at speed and its components also come with the car, though the wing motor is not included. The wing portion of the lid remains painted in its factory blue and has two cracks.
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    Doug Dill

    1973 911E Coupe
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    FS: @BaT - 1973 Porsche 911T RS-Style Tribute

    Back on BaT after selling for US$66.5k in 2017 on BaT
    Bring-a-Trailer Auction
    1973 Porsche 911T Coupe, Lot #20256
    VIN: 9113103235
    Engine: Rebuilt 3.2 Liter Flat-Six
    Trans: G50 5-Speed Manual Transmission
    Color: Grand Prix White/Black
    Mileage: -
    Auction Estimate: -
    Sold for: US$76,500 +BaT fee (on 06/26/19)

    Name:  73Rs 1.jpg
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    Doug Dill

    1973 911E Coupe
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    FS: @BaT - 1973 2.8L 911T 'Outlaw' Coupe

    Before the transformation to an 'Outlaw', this car sold for US$13,900 on May 6th, 2007 on eBay.
    Bring-a-Trailer Website Auction
    1973 Porsche 2.8L Twin-Plug 911T Outlaw Coupe, Lot #23551
    VIN: 9113100497
    Engine: 6130800
    Trans: 7333419
    Color: Gemini Blue (originally Gold Metallic)/Black Leatherette
    Mileage: 05,358 (indicated)
    Auction Estimate: -
    Sold for: US$117,000 (on 10/3/19)

    Name:  73T 1.jpg
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    Name:  73T 5.jpg
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    Name:  73T 6.jpg
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    Name:  73T 7.jpg
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    Name:  73T 8.jpg
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    Name:  73T CoA.jpg
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    BaT Description:

    This 1973 Porsche 911T is a modified, non-sunroof coupe that was built for the current owner with guidance from Magnus Walker. The owner acquired the car in 2013 after it had been placed on consignment by Brian Cunningham, grandson of American racing icon Briggs Cunningham. Power is provided by a fuel-injected, twin-plug, 2.8L flat-six, which was built by TLG Auto using the original case and is mated to a 915 transaxle equipped with Guard limited-slip differential. The car is finished in Gemini Blue and features rear fender flares, gold exterior accents, a louvered rear decklid, fifteen52 Outlaw wheels, and suspension refurbished by TLG. The interior is equipped with Recaro sport seats, a roll bar, and a custom fiberglass dash made by Rod Emory. This 911T is now offered on behalf of the current owner with a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, records from the build, and a clean California title.

    Originally Gold Metallic, the car had already been repainted in Gemini Blue when it was acquired by the current owner. Magnus Walker is friend of the owner and provided creative direction on the subsequent modifications, which included installation of a custom louvered rear decklid, as well as fitment and metal work performed by Rod Emory. Scuffs are present on the underside of the front bumper, and sand blasting is visible in the finish near the wheel arches.

    The car is equipped with rear fender flares, as well as an oil cooler mounted in the passenger-side front wheel well. Walker’s painter added stripes in the factory Gold Metallic color on the front and rear lids. Additional features include European-style headlight rings, a 911S-style front spoiler, a dual-outlet sport exhaust, and gold Porsche side script. The fifteen52 Outlaw 001 two-piece forged wheels were ordered by Walker for the owner with a custom matte finish as shown on an invoice attached in the gallery. The 15×7″ fronts feature an offset of ET23, while the 15×8″ rears have an offset of ET10. Pirelli Cinturato P7 tires measure 205/50 up front and 225/50 out back.

    Recaro sport seats are upholstered in black, and the cabin is also equipped with a four-point, bolt-in roll bar. The rear seat backs have been removed, and lightweight door panels are fitted. The amber fiberglass dash was made by Rod Emory, and other interior modifications include a 917-style wood shift knob and a leather-wrapped MOMO Prototipo steering wheel. Silver-dot VDO instrumentation includes a centrally-mounted 8k-rpm tachometer, 150-mph speedometer, oil and fuel level gauge, oil pressure/temperature gauge, and an analog clock. The odometer was reset during the build, and approximately 5,400 miles have been added since.

    The injected flat-six engine was rebuilt and modified by TLG using the original 2.4L case. It now displaces 2.8 liters and is equipped with twin-plug cylinder heads. It reportedly produced 220 horsepower at the rear wheels during dyno tuning, which is sent to the rear wheels via a Type 915 five-speed manual transmission. The gearbox is equipped with a Guard limited-slip differential and was recently rebuilt and strengthened by Marty Mehterian. Stamping *6130800* is pictured above and corresponds to the number shown on the Porsche CoA, confirming originality of the engine case. The transmission carries number 7333419, which indicates a short-ratio gearbox produced in 1973.

    The front pan was replaced at some point in the car’s life, and a wrinkle is noted behind the battery box. A small dent is present elsewhere in the floor. Oxidation is present on exposed metal and bolt heads, and Gold Metallic paintwork is visible in places under the car. TLG removed the suspension from the car for refurbishment and fitted an Elephant Racing adjustable bump steer kit, Bilstein Sport dampers, 22mm front torsion bars, 27mm rear torsion bars, adjustable rear spring plates, and new bushings.

    Receipts from Emory Motorsports, fifteen52, and TLG Auto including records for more than $51k in work from the latter. The Porsche Certificate of Authenticity shows the factory colors, equipment, and powertrain numbers.
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    Doug Dill

    1973 911E Coupe
    PCA #1987109761
    Early 911S Registry #548

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