This car is currently featured on the website of the NC dealer that specializes in old Porsches. I recommend going to the website for the great pictures. They really are scholars on the cars they own. It was owned by Ron Barnes of Pensacola, Florida, who bought it in 1984, with a non-working motor. When he started to rebuild the 2.0-liter engine, he found the SN was low 900127. The chassis number on the car was even lower-- 300018.

He wrote an expert--Dale Miller at the Collier Automotive Museum and Olaf Lang at the Porsche factory and learned his was the 21st to roll off the production line in the fall of 1964.

In 1989, Barnes had a minor traffic accident in the 901 that knocked the left rear tail light out. He began to worry it would be damaged in street driving so he parked it. Seventeen years later when the car was somewhat of a faded rose in color, he put it on eBay,where alert readers Eade Hopkinson and Skip Shirley bought it but before they could restore it they sold 901 #018 to fellow California collector, Don Murray in February 200_.

I'd like to know if anyone out there remembers the price Barnes paid for it in '84 , and what he was asking 17 years later for it on ebay.