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    . . . Un-liveable

    I was up in the Bay Area and Northwest Washington, last week --- some vacation time with family. Drove up the coast --- scenic, cool . . . then came down The Five --- not-so-scenic, definitely not cool. Drove ~2600 mi

    Stayed in Grant’s Pass, OR Friday night, then drove home Saturday. Came down the middle of Oregon and California. Left ~0630, didn’t check the temp --- but it was 80F by 0700

    It’s always hot around here, this time of year --- especially when you’re inland, away from any airflow from the coast. And Central Oregon has the same kind of ‘inversion layer’ that LA has. I spent my Summers in Eugene when I was a kid . . . hot + smoggy I’m used to

    But this was a liiiiiiiiiiiiittle different

    Shasta Lake was just about gone --- looked like somebody ‘d pulled a drain plug, somewhere. More shore than lake, seemed. Saw cars parked on what would normally be lake bottom. I was shocked. Never seen anything like it

    Then it got hot . . .

    . . . really hot

    By the time I got to Sacramento?


    Think that’s the hottest weather I’ve EVER been in

    And the temps stayed at 113 all the way to Gorman

    And it’s only the start of July

    We can argue about what to call this. Disagree over the cause. Or not say/do/think anything --- after all, life goes on, right?

    Someone will figure out what to do --- how to deal with all this . . .

    . . . meanwhile, just turn up the AC


    Well. All I can say is, with heat like that? With no water in the lakes? And no power from their dams?

    I know what to call it . . .

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    . . . Unbelievable

    Are we really going through this, again? . . .

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    . . . ~20 Pounds

    How much CO2 is produced by a gallon of gasoline? . . .

    So. Next time you see what someone's driving . . .

    . . . ask 'em . . .

    . . . where's the lake you're takin' your boat to?

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    '. . . Redfin will announce on Aug. 3 that it is adding local climate risk data to its site, the company told USA TODAY exclusively . . . .

    . . . “aha moment” moment came was when he discovered that real estate investors such as banks and insurance companies were using climate risk data to inform their investing decisions . . .

    Whaddiya call that?

    I know what I call it

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