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Thread: Consider . . .

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    Cars Don't Make Air Pollution . . .

    . . . but their fuel does

    Consider this a preview . . .

    '. . . "Great Britain has now gone over 18 days (432 hours) without coal!" tweeted the country's electricity system operator, National Grid ESO (NGESO), on the same day. "Due to plant availability and system requirements, our current coal run has come to an end at 9:20 p.m. this evening. 18 days and 60 hours."

    When the coal sector is put out, the renewable energy sources like solar, wind, nuclear, gas, and some hydro-generated power pick up in its wake, the ESO told the BBC.

    "As more and more renewables come on to the system, we're seeing things progress at an astonishing rate," NGESO Fintan Slye said. "2018 was our greenest year to date, and so far, 2019 looks like it has the potential to beat it."

    The United Kingdom became the first country in the world to announce a coal phase-out policy in an ambitious move to limit emissions on coal power stations from October 2025 following the 2015 Paris climate meeting. In an update posted earlier this year, Beyond Coal reports that the nation's "coal fleet is already halved from around 30 gigawatts in 2010 and by 2016 the coal share had fallen to 9 percent of the electricity mix, down from 40 percent just four years previously."

    "By 2025, ESO will have transformed the operation of Great Britain's electricity system and put in place the innovative systems, products and services to ensure that the network is ready to handle 100% zero carbon," said Slye earlier this year, adding that a zero carbon operation in just six years requires a shift in operations and an integration of newer technologies, "from large-scale off-shore wind to domestic solar panels."

    The move looks promising. The UK currently has installed more offshore wind power than any other nation, halving the cost of offshore wind in the last four years, reports Wired. Altogether, it's a dramatic shift from the coal-powered nation that made up Britain just a century ago during the Industrial Revolution.

    "Coal was the backbone of the last industrial revolution but this old technology is being beaten by wind energy, the powerhouse of our 21st century economy. Renewables are providing well over a third of our electricity today, and this is just the beginning. We need to move from fossil fuels right across the economy to avoid the enormous risks of climate disruption and to benefit from modern, clean, technologies," said RenewableUK Deputy Chief Executive Emma Pinchbeck.

    Currently, about one-fifth of Europe's operational coal fleet are located in other countries which have joined ranks and similarly announced that they will phase out coal, putting the coal plants located in these nations "on a pathway to closure"
    . . .'

    We may get to keep our Dirty Little Cars . . .

    . . . but what about the fuel?

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    Equilibrium . . .

    . . . consider . . .

    '. . . The report, published in April, estimated that 40% of amphibian species, more than 33% of all marine mammals and reef-forming corals, and at least 10% of insect species are threatened, largely as a result of human actions. Researchers also found that more than 500,000 land species already don't have enough natural habitat left to ensure their long-term survival.

    This finding contributes to a rapidly growing body of evidence that suggests Earth is the midst of a sixth mass extinction — the sixth time in the planet's history that species are experiencing a major global collapse in numbers
    . . .'

    I'm not a 'science' Guy, by any stretch --- although the various subjects fascinate me, I've no head for the maths involved/required . . .

    . . . yet the logic of the stuff --- the elegance . . . still speaks

    My Chem One Instructor in college was this Chinese lady whom I could only barely understand --- contributing, no doubt, to my general frustration with the subject . . . but one of the topics that got brought up was the concept of equilibrium. In any closed system, given constant temp/pressure/etc, all the stuff in that system --- all the reagents . . . will tend to stabilize at some point. Like when water gets boiled. Add heat to a pot of liquid water,and it 'll boil into steam. But add a little salt --- like when my Gramma cooked spaghetti . . . the temperature of that boiling point increases = pasta cooks faster

    Still love the Ideal Gas Law . . .

    .....................PV = nRT

    . . . which describes a gas at equilibrium (=) in terms of the relationships between Pressure*Volume on one side with a given amount of material (n)*Temperature*constant (R) on the other

    Short Version . . .

    . . . change any of the constituents in the system --- the temperature, the pressure, the volume, etc . . . and that equilibrium will change

    And equilibrium is everywhere. Plants need water; lotsa water = lotsa plants, no water = no plants . . . or, at least the kind that don't need a lotta water. Animals adjust accordingly --- grazers + browsers match the available fodder, predators their prey, all in what gets termed a food-chain. Even the sun, up in the sky --- a huge ball of exploding hydrogen . . . the force of which is contained by its own weight + gravity

    Equilibria everywhere

    So, whenever I read about animals disappearing --- or plants . . . I wonder . . .

    . . . what purpose did those plants + animals serve? . . .

    . . . what 'equilibrium' were they a part of?

    . . . and what happens to that equilibrium when they're gone?

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