Hi friends,
It has been a hectic summer, but regrettably not on the road.. :-(

When I turn the key, nothing happens except that the tank, oil and pressure needles jump.

The problem started last season and gradually got worse. In the beginning it happened from time to time, but it was just to try again and it would always start. This spring it took maybe five attempts before it would crank, then 10, then 20 and now it is completely dead.

Today we loosened the switch to take a look at the back. Its dirty and should be cleaned. The red/white wire was loose, so we connected it again, but nothing changed. I should have studied the wiring diagram and done more research, but starting to get desperate. Im more or less retarded when it comes to electricity, so please go easy on me.

Any input to narrow down the problem would be greatly appreciated. Is it the switch or could the problem be somewhere else??

Thanks, Radmund

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