Recently was invited to the celebration of his 50 years. During last week Gordon showed folks around the cars on display at Dunsfold Surrey (the airfield where BBC Top Gear programme was filmed). Relaxed informal "by invitation only" -- just a small group of 20 of us on that day.

Unlike other museums/car collections he'd designed all forty of the cars on display. For about 3hrs he walked/ talked our little group through his career and explained notable features and milestones of his designs since 60s. Displays arranged chronologically from his first South African design as a teen right through to his latest design output.

He said cars featured at celebration were from many places around the world, some from private collections others loaned by his friends (e.g. He mentioned a number were his former bos and friend Bernie Ecclestone's Brabhams)

Not just Formula One cars but a wide range of other vehicles including number of examples of the McLaren automotive F1 road and race, the Rocket and even a one off car designed/built for personal transport when he was newly married and broke.

Also featured, in another area, was his personal car and motorcycle collection. Nice touch was the decoration he'd chosen for the walls -- hundreds of T-shirts and vinyl album covers -- just a small selection from the many he said he has amassed.

A true Automotive / Motorsport engineering genuius and a very charming gent. Event ran just one week so think it has wrapped up now.

Gordon Murray fans and followers of his career might be interested in the info about event and other things on the site: