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Thread: FS: @AK - 1972 Porsche 911 Kremer ST Triburte - Not Mine

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    FS: @AK - 1972 Porsche 911 Kremer ST Triburte - Not Mine

    Paul from AutoKennel was telling me about this build. He said it was one of the iconic early 911 builds on this forum. So, I read through the 50+ page thread:

    It was fascinating to learn about the details that Gib went through.

    Anyway, Gib sold it about 4-years ago to another enthusiast who hired the same people who did the mechanical restoration on the original one to further tune the high butterfly system.

    I'm so anxious to go for a ride in it. Paul's pretty protective about others driving it. I don't blame him.

    Full details are at
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    Hope it will be at Enderle Saturday - ? Would be great to see and hear it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Tighe View Post
    almost be worth more to be parted out...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Tighe View Post
    Price lower for Luft weekend to $185k. Seems like it might almost be worth more to be parted out...would be a shame.
    Please... Perish the thought!!! I sure hope that does NOT happen. !!
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    Sorry, sorry just had to dredge this one up.

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    Now here/another thread . . .



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    The seat belts that the car carries .... They are not originals right? I think I remember a "post" where we debated whether the logo could have been sewn since there was no ST

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    I belive the "1972 ST" small patches were reproductions. Also, I think, for safety, Gib decided to reweb the original Repa belts. The latches/clips are original.

    BTW, just after Luft, a few guys from the midwest that have a company called The Burbbble or @theburbbble on instagram, spent some time shooting some great shots of the car. I thought I would share with everyone...
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    The belts are likely from Bill Rich in Canada. Been using him off and on since 2008ish ... maybe longer. Super nice guy. I worked with him back when we did Luke Marano's 69S to get the repop REPA H-harnesses near exact with some small modern touches for adjustability and safety.
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    Quote Originally Posted by t6dpilot View Post
    . . . Anybody know if the car Gib posted is still around? That has some pretty nice subtle mods . . .
    Ask = $185k/140k/159



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