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Thread: Tuthill Battery Box Oil Coolers

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    Tuthill Battery Box Oil Coolers

    Has anyone on the forum installed these on their car yet?

    If so, can you please share your experience with them, and photos?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Well made but seems not the place to find air flow.
    Unless of course your box is rusty��
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    Do you remove the battery boxes and then install these in place of the box?

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    An "installed" photograph would certainly help the advertisement.

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    An "installed" photograph would certainly help the advertisement.
    Agreed !!!!
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    Tuthill is the world leader in classic Porsche rally prep and competing. I have bought from them and quality is top notch. They sell products but they are not really aimed at the DIY market.
    I assume you louver the front and rear of the battery boxes, and even put a fan on the backside. The coolers on our cars are delicate and don't hold up to off road use, especially on the 69-71 cars. Putting a cooler in the battery box will give it more protection than outside right behind the headlight bucket.
    I think that is a good price for that piece.

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    An oil cooler of this type needs airflow to be of any real value and if you fit this type of cooler into stagnant air it will be quite ineffective.

    Without a fan this type of cooler will need a strong air stream or the cooling provided will not be very good.

    The real question is how much cooling is provided by any of the wing mounted coolers ?

    These coolers are always on the scavenge side of the system and it would be interesting to know the level of aeration in the oil as it passes though the cooler.

    High levels of aeration will reduce the heat transfer and affect how well the cooler operates and how much cooling takes place.

    The 'Martini' Safari Cars used a large cooler under the engine grille and it was a cooler which was more suited to radiating heat into relatively static air.

    If cooling is the issue then using this type of arrangement would be more effective than wing mounting.

    It would be interesting to make some temperature measurement of the inlet and outlet oil temperature of standard coolers and to see if it is worth separating the air before making efforts to cool the oil.

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    No doubt the fore and aft vertical faces of the battery box would be removed, along with perhaps a duct added to direct air from the fog light opening ...on both sides. From a rallye perspective , coolers in the battery box would stand a better chance of surviving a meeting with a fence post I suspect.

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    Lots of pedigree with Tuthill technology and proven in the harsh environments....
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    Ask and you shall receive.

    Richard from Tuthill was nice enough to send me this.

    Both the front and the back of the battery box are cut out as below.

    Hope this clarifies,, he also mentioned that they work extremely well.

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