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Thread: 66' Cylinder Heads/ Bearing Kits

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    66' Cylinder Heads/ Bearing Kits

    Please forgive me if that comes across as a stupid question, as I am sure it is.

    I was asked to research and source a few parts for my dad's 911. Is the only source for proper cylinder heads searching the used classifieds such as found on this forum?

    Do any parts houses such as Stoddards, Pelican, carry heads? I searched the Pelican website, but was not able to find anything. Also, best source for bearing kits? I imagine some are better than other, recommendations?

    Please forgive my status as a Porsche neophyte, I am clearly not a mechanic, but doing my best to learn.


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    The only stupid question, is the one NOT asked.... I think what you are looking for would have to be used heads for sale on sites like this. There are a lot of Engine Builders that have used stock as well. Including the type of Engine, and Specific style heads would possibly get you some replies. I would post in the Parts Wanted Section.
    Good Luck.

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    Stoddard and Pelican will sell you only a NEW head, which hasn't been in stock probably for 30 years. The good news is that used '66 heads are not hard to come by and readily available through classifieds such as Early 911S Registry, Pelican, Samba, eBay etc.

    But let's back up. What, precisely, is the issue with your 911? Why do you want to replace a cylinder head and the bearings?

    I spent four years restoring the engine in my 1966 911. It doesn't take four years, it takes a couple of weeks, but in any event it's not difficult to do if you have the right tools and can follow instructions precisely.
    1966 911 #304065 Irischgruen

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    Thank you for the pointers gentlemen.

    As for the issue, I am not quite sure. My father wants to rebuild the engine. He seems to think that the last time it was rebuilt, that there was an issue with one of the heads that is now giving it compression problems. I am not sure exactly what that might be, but I will ask.

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    Josh, post up as much as you can about the car, the engine number, etc. You are on the #1 web site in the world to find help for this, so the more detail you can provide, the more help you will receive.

    After driving my car to the Porsche Parade in 2005 I did a compression test and found this:

    Then tore the engine down and found this:

    So a leakdown test, properly performed, can be your best diagnostic information as to what is wrong. In the 2,0 liter motors (unlike the 964s with their huge valves) the heads rarely crack, compression problems more likely to be rings, or a bent valve. But the leakdown test is the best way to find out. Let me know if you need help finding a tester and performing the test.
    1966 911 #304065 Irischgruen

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    I will do that, I really appreciate the help. I think I have somebody lined up to help me with a compression test. It is engine #903 514

    I know my dad did a compression test on it a few months ago, I can't recall exactly what numbers he came up with, but I will try to find out. I am going to have another Porsche mechanic that I have recently become aquatinted with take a look at it, and see if he can help.

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    Used 65-66 911 heads casting nr. 901 104 303 04 are plentiful on ebay, from $75 up. It is a good idea to take a good look at the valve seats and how worn they are or if the valves seem to sit low in the head, there is a wear limit. If you replace std. rod bearings use ACL, better than current new Glyco.

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