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Thread: Tires for stock 1972 911T

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    Tires for stock 1972 911T


    It's cold and wet and unspring-like. I feel like talking tires.

    I need a new set for a 1972 911T, with stock 6x15 Fuchs. This is mostly a backroads spirited driver, maybe an autocross here and there. For years, I have been running 205/60 very happily. My current tire is a Sumitomo HTR something-or-other, at least 7 years old, and they have done the job nicely. I always "time out" tires, and never wear out treads. 100 mph is achievable in theory, but not in reality.

    A lot of the advice I get is to go with 185/70 or 195/65 and look at Vredestein Sprint Classics, Avon CR6ZZ, Pirelli CN36, or Pirelli P6000. I'm not going for concours points. I just want good fresh rubber with a nice sporty tread pattern.

    My plan is to stick with "modern" touring tires, and in particular I am looking at the Michelin Premier A/S in 205/60 or even 205/65. I have these tires on my Lexus RX, and on the Lexus they have been nothing short of the best overall tire I've ever tried. Quiet, comfy and competent in dry, rain and light snow.

    Please give me you opinions on my plan, and other tire suggestions for 6x15 rims on stock early 911s.

    Keep the rubber on the road,

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    Very pertinent discussion. My tires are even older

    I would also add, that I am not looking to spend $250+ per tire.
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    i am just happy with my 185/70 Vredesteins. $128 and they perform well.

    I had a Michelin 205/60 on a hot rod coupe i had a few years ago. Excellent tire, it just does not look right on a stock car in my eyes, but that's just me.

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    Timely conversation; a set of 185/70 15” CN36’s are being installed as I write this to replace 9 year old Michelin Exalto something’s in the 205/60 size that I’ve used for the 13 years I’ve owned my 73S. A bit taller and and skinnier but I’m not pushing the car to the limit by any means. I save that for my ST now. I’ll report back in a day or so with my initial impressions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jules Dielen View Post

    I am just happy with my 185/70 Vredesteins. $128 and they perform well.
    Ditto, have 185/70s on our '68... also have 165's on the '67 which just feel right.

    Good performance and value, even have Vreds on our VW bus.

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    I just got (3/16/18) some 195/65R-15 Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season (V-rated) from tire rack. $396 - $60 rebate = $336 for 4 delivered. Ed Mayo and Mike DiLeo recommended them, and they seem to do the job fine so far (i only have 450 miles on them)
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    Great responses, all. Thank you. Other suggestions please!

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    Dunlop sp sport 5000 p195/65r15

    They are round and black. These are readily available and inexpensive. Not performance tires by any stretch of the imagination. They just do what I needed them to do. Picked em up from Amazon with free shipping.
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    Thanks all. Going with the 195/65R-15 Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season.

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