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Thread: What is the allure of "old tat"?

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    Moss’ career was over in 1962 as result of Goodwood accident so his race gear was probaly before the specialist race boots offerings. Boxing boots foe him seem to make sense — didn’t he box at one point ?

    Also it just occurred to me … If Jim Clark is seen wearing the distinctive Edward Lewis Westover GP boots with tan heel on the image on the prior post when he tragically died early April 1968 it further questions the timeline of the Hagerty author’s Ciccio tale. That says the Ciccio big break only came following the one-off bespoke pair he made for Elford that Targa of 68
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    Comparison Clarke boot vs similar detail on mine today
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    Unless I’m mistaken this is Silverstone 1963 around two years before the Ciccio first one off commission and nearly five years before it is implied drivers were all forced to use regular clodhopper street shoes until Ciccio race boots. Hmm…. If so then clearly specific for racing grand prix boots were available and in already use by top driver(s) 1963 and 1964
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    Here are details of the patent:

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    Cheers Stephen

    Amazing what is in www. A few things jump out:

    The patent is dated 8 years or so before Jim Clark seen wearing Westover’s in 1963 so Lewis was quite established in footwear business even though he was well known as a race driver who good enough to be invited to the selective BRDC.

    Jenks does comment Lewis would be focusing on driving shoe after restructuring business circa 1965. Seems his own racing and Jim Clark wearing his GP boot in a championship winning year might’ve highlighted a niche for footwear business?

    Jim Clark wearing the Westover GP boot with their distinctive tan heel for the Indy 500 race win in the Lotus in 1965 — this probably helped Edward Lewis narrowed focus on racing footwear achieve sales in USA too?

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    Even in a simpler less commercial world before celebrity sportspeople were being paid huge sums of money brand for endorsing athletic shoes and people collecting them Clark wearing these with the distinctive tan heel might’ve been a tad more prominent than Ciccio making prototypes boots with the glue soles for the three drivers in Targa Florio the same year perhaps?

    With 1965 being another F1 drivers championship winning year for Jim Clark that too probably drew attention to Westovers at GO events around the world for what on this evidence might have been his racing boot of choice in period around 1963-65. Different angle but it seems likely these are the same Westover GP boot as Indy being worn at the A Grand Prix around the similar time
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    Judging by so many the top racing drivers including F1 world champions wearing his racing boots (photographs in the posts at top of this thread) for the next decade was possibly a good call for Lewis to specialise on driving footwear in way Jenks describes. Maybe not a huge fortune but comfortable enough to retire to a Spain which was popular for British retirees in that era.

    Doesn’t seem like the patent is specifically a motorsport feature although it may help in some way for that use since it was applied to GP boots.

    Because of the flat leather piece on top of foot on my example I didn’t initially notice a central seam in the pair I have to hand — however upon closer inspection there is a neatly sewn seam at the front of the strip that runs around the edge of the toe. Name:  61485DB6-678D-4DB3-85B7-5E550D9BC8E3.jpg
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Size:  167.2 KB Presumably the seam just visible in photo relates the patent you found since it bears the number I photographed that I suppose you used to locate the patent info.

    I now know more about shoe manufacture than I ever cared to although all this about Clark and shoes somehow puts me in mind of a colleague who I worked with who went to Clark’s shoes (the famous British shoe maker but no relation to Jimmy afaik). Left the place we worked together to take up a director role. Around the time I moved to Lotus Cars. Bet he knows all about shoe stuff. Lovely chap. He and I worked together on a few things and got on very well socially — he was a degree qualified marine engineer. Around the time I bought my classic Porsche he also treated himself to an old Riva boat from Monaco and brought it to U.K. to restore with his father. I recall carrying engine parts back from USA for their project on our regular transatlantic business trips as a favour to him. Split the heavy metal load between our bags — that was long before carrying such things for someone else in personal luggage was frowned upon by airline security. Bet the bags would set a few airport scanners buzzing these days!


    Ps Rindt wore Westover by Edward Lewis GP Boot black leather with the tan heel feature around 1970
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