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Thread: Luftgekuhlt 6 - WOW!

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    Luftgekuhlt 6 - WOW!

    BIG Shout & Thumbs Up out to Pat, Howie, Jeff and the Luft Team for todayís event!
    WOW - very, very cool venue, with every Porsche virtually having itís own back-drop. Porsches hiding around corners, tucked down alleyways. A wonderful anniversary tribute to the 914s. Loved the storyline app for each display car. A very special event!
    But .... as a number of us discussed - how the hell are you going to top this one for Luftgekuhlt next year???
    Canít wait! Iíll be coming back again - all the way from New Zealand!
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    Can you post a few....a lot ....of photos, please.


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    I ran out of space on Flickr, so I tossed together a quick Wix site just now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 911kiwi View Post
    . . . Loved the storyline app for each display car . . .
    This 'storyline' stuff was part of the application process, and I was curious how this would turn up in The Show

    So --- what exactly was this 'app'? . . .


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    from the bavarian distance....with hopefully a follow up event of last year in munich
    universal studios are such a perfect surrounding, very very outstanding compositions and scenery possibilities
    bravo and chapeau
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    Not every vehicle was a Porsche . . .

    Name:  20190511_114114.jpg
Views: 638
Size:  157.2 KB

    Big 50th anniversary 914 display:
    Name:  20190511_122425.jpg
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    Name:  20190511_121428.jpg
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    Name:  20190511_103043.jpg
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    Name:  20190511_115833.jpg
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    Name:  20190511_121530.jpg
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    Name:  20190511_135234.jpg
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    Name:  20190511_144538.jpg
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    Name:  20190511_133755.jpg
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    Most important vendor:
    Name:  20190511_131540.jpg
Views: 626
Size:  104.2 KB
    Doug Dill

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    Here you go, some of the pix I snapped during the event...

    Name:  DSC01061.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01066.jpg
Views: 520
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    Name:  DSC01067.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01072.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01073.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01090.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01092.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01085.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01096b.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01080.jpg
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    More photos of the even here...

    Name:  DSC01099.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01099b.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01099c.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01100.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01102.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01106.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01110.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01110b.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01113.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01115.jpg
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    More photos of the even here...

    Name:  DSC01118.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01117b.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01117c.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01117d.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01119b.jpg
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    Name:  DSC01121.jpg
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