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Thread: Some of the Rennsport event cars in UK

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    Some of the Rennsport event cars in UK

    Some snaps from small but interesting event held on Saturday in UK Midlands. This is a small selection. I focussed on some of the 901/911 cars there. Haven't included some of the other non 911 cars present either

    One is said to be oldest 911 race/rally, car as well as a good selection of R, ST, RS, RSR. For example:
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    I only popped up there on Saturday for the largely static display but there had been track day at neighbouring Donnington circuit prior to that so I assume others who attended and participated might have more photos to add.

    Caught up with some old friends and made some new acqaintences too. Nice day not too busy nor too commercial.

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    Nice collection of photos! Thanks for sharing.
    Peter Kane

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    A few more snaps....
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    Can't comment on the track day nor other part earlier in weekend which I expect were special and great fun for those who made it. The mostly static part I made it to on Saturday was a great nicely understated low key show for those who know and really get what these Rennsport cars are and the nuances of that part of Porsche history etc ... rather than those visitors who maybe have a more passing interest in Porsche brand and just want to be "entertained". I heard some comment that it was a bit flat and overpriced but I'm sure folks here can appreciate even from my below par photography skills it was an exceptional assembly of such cars. I really enjoyed pottering about in the grounds of the old hall with a friend and meeting others who own or just appreciate Rennsport cars All the better for not being too crowded or attempting to be flashy. Rather like the earlier days of the hobby. Name:  IMG_20190720_123907.jpg
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    Thumbs up

    Excellent.... Thanks Steve
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    This event provided an interesting "case study" about how what is said by original owner to be misinformation about a car chassis still promulgated?

    The display card from event identified this car one of the roughly the six RHD RS from 74 appears to be claiming it to be the James Hunt RS that formed part of his Hesketh driver's "package"
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    However Lord Hesketh himself, no less, contacted a leading UK broadsheet many years ago to state this claim isn't accurate for this particular RS.

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    Hunt did famously get an RS as part of his "package" but it was a 73 RS RHD M472 touring; not the yellow 74 car. One of the last of the first series quota that was likely lilac originally then painted white with Hesketh livery. Hunt kept that one a while and used it in his Marlbella home pictured here.
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    The 73 RS that was once part of Hunt's package is to my knowledge still in long term family ownership in the UK having seen action in racing series back in eighties.
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    I hope the current owner of the 74 wasn't mislead as when the original owner/purchasor goes to the trouble of correcting misinformation very visibly via a national Sunday paper then it is a pity to see those now debunked claims continue so many years later. I imagine even with the good times that were had but the team back then his Lordship remembers the facts of the matter. These were the top of range cars double e-type iirc so not a trivial amount of money even in the spendthrift days.

    Any RHD 3.0 RS is a rare and interesting car in its own right and doesn't need to have incorrect information even if Hunt may have fleetingly used it; certainly not the same as the one being part of his F1 contract package and own use. Amusingly as part of the Hesketh Racing lore it is sometimes said he just took the 73 RS car for a service and just never returned it

    This has been discussed here before in other posts. I was surprised to see the claim persisting today given what Hesketh explained.

    Several 73 RS first 500 m472 examples were in reality the ones known to be part payment for some F1 racers*. The list of the buyers of the rhd 74 is short and Hesketh is among them-- as a peer of the realm and having a later career in politics he must've felt strongly about this matter to bother to place the call to the newspaper to correct the facts. Pity if as original owner he is not being heeded.

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    There may possibly be some hard proof to dispute Lord Hesketh but I'm not aware of it ever being made public. If so it would be interesting to see it to back the statement stil being used in the display card.

    I don't know the car personally but it appears from the newspaper story that the selling dealer at time accepted the Hesketh correction so i suppose there was no hard proof in car's files for him to rebut Hesketh's recall.


    PS *John Watson got a rhd 73 RS M472 as part of his package for driving in F1 for Hexagon Goldie the company coincidentally selling a different RS -- an M471 --that is discussed in for Carrera RS for sale -- "Wattie' still has that Black M472 afiak. He once told me it was a nearly new (possibly dealer demo) RS being driven by team owner's girlfriend when he first saw it and he did a deal to have it as part of his F1 contract. He now jokes about it being his pension! As an unmolested RS owned virtually from new by a well known race driver his ought to set a benchmark first 500 M472 if he comes to sell it. If he did then a first series M472 with light panels and limited edition details Vs a third series M471 (so called lightweight unlikely to have all the RS limited edition panels / features) that has been heavily road crashed and repaired and then restored again would be interesting comparison. No doubt at all which is better in my mind but isn't it a bit odd how the market can value such things these days?
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