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Thread: Bringing a '69 911S Back to Life--Long Overdue Intro

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    Bringing a '69 911S Back to Life--Long Overdue Intro

    I have been a mostly "silent" (albeit paying) member of the the Registry for about a year. I have enjoyed viewing and learning from you and appreciate the great resource this forum and magizine are. That said, it's about time I contributed something. Let me introduce you to my car--#744.

    I first saw this car under a tarp in 2002. I asked what it was and was told it was an old Porsche in really bad shape. I was intrigued, but being busy with other things (courting my soon to be wife and being continuously on the road with my career) I didn't pursue it or deliberately think about it again for some time. However, I continued to keep tabs on what my wife's uncle (the owner) was doing with it. We had moved away, but each time we went "home" to visit, I asked about the car to get a little more info, and plant a seed. After a few years, I started to think seriously about it and wondered whether it was a good time to see if I could get it. So in the summer of 2009, I directly asked if I could buy it. The owner hadn't thought too deeply about selling it, but my "seed-planting" had at least introduced the thought. But, he wasn't yet ready to part with it. That was fine with me, knowing that at least it would not be sold any time soon.

    I didn't think about it again for the year, but the next summer (2010) I asked about it again. This time I asked specific questions. What model? (911S), what year? (1969), what color (sand beige), how many owners?, any history?, when did it last run?, why did he park it? Note that I had not felt comfortable prying under the tarp to get any idea of the real condition or identification. With every answer, my interest and excitement grew. I had always been a Porsche enthusiest, but had never owned one. I also didn't know any technical info, or how collectable these cars had become. But, in the purest sense, I appreciated the beauty and lines of these great little cars.

    So I asked if I he was ready to sell it to me. This time he said "Yes."

    I arranged to go over and for the first time, remove the tarp and see this car. I had been warned that it was in bad shape--especially the inside. Approaching the car, I found that the tarp and cover had been neglected like the rest of the car. It was a canvas type that didn't cover the whole car, full of holes, and spotted with black mold. I was undeterred. I removed the tarp to find this great forgotten car. It looked sad. It was dirty; moss had grown on the rubber moldings and seals. The tires has rotted off the rims. Before even opening the doors, I could smell the mold. I knew water had gotten inside and forgotten. I then opened the door. The latch and hinges were stiff but solid. The door opened slowly, as the stench permeated the air. The beige leather interior was covered with black mold. The carpets and floor mats were fuzzy with spores which had taken on a reddish glaze from the leaching rust of the floors. The key hung in the ignition indicating its former life. The rear view mirror had detached itself from the screen and was laying on the floor. I didn't dare touch anything but wanted to at least get a little closer look. After extracting my greenish, breath-holding head from the car, I looked at the owner. "Well, do you still want to sell?" He said he did (which wasn't surprising considering this experience) and we settled on an extremely reasonable price.

    As a short side note, as a young child, my wife was able to ride in the back seat of this car. She remembers how fun she thought it was. I think this memory has helped her be enthusiastic about this great project!

    We had been planning to leave the area the next morning, but having made this purchase, I had work to do. I awoke the next morning early to investigate in daylight what I would need to do to get it ready to ship. My first action was to grad the ol' bucket and rag and go to work and give her a good wash. It felt a little like giving a newborn its first bath--you aren't sure how careful to be, thinking you might break or be too rough with something. But as I got into it, the layers started to come off. I removed the rims and bought 5 new tires-spare included. The spare was probably overkill, but I was excited.

    I aired the car out and minimally whiped down the driver's seat, so I could get in to check the pedals and try to release the brake without getting mold all over me. I was most afraid of getting sick from the stuff--I've heard horror stories about this sort of thing. The pedals wouldn't budge--I later found out the bushings had swollen around the shafts and the springs were rusted solid. But, I got the e-brake released. In order to get it ready for a trailer for shipment, I had to get it rolling. Luckily, with not too much effort, it rolled--whew!! After spending the day getting things ready and arranged, I said my temporary good-bye.

    Over the next two weeks, shipper after shipper fell through. With this car having new tires and a wash, sitiing in his driveway, the previous owner was having regrets at selling (as is the case with any great car.) I had to get this thing moved ASAP! I decided, rather than shipping it across the country, to put it into storage at its current location, even though I would have to delay on my efforts to get it in working order. It went into a dry safe storage unit and patiently waited for my plan.
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    That's so cool, your wife road in it as a child!!! Can't wait to hear more.

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    Great project David! I can't wait to see the progress.
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    Great story!! Your patients has paid off. Looking forward to reading more (and seeing more pics) about your 69S.


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    #761 is looking forward to #744's story unfold.

    Great intro, David!
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    Congrats , to me , it looks to be in rather good condition. My suggestion , research the proper way (proper products are key), and carefully clean everything. You will probably be surprised at what you end up with. Things are only original once.

    If your paint is original , even if there are some nicks & scratches....leave it that way (although I have a suspicion your pass. front fender has been resprayed...but if that's all ....your lucky. And it could just be the lighting in your photo , but I don't think so).

    Good Luck !
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    Thumbs up

    Welcome David..... Great thread
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    Bringing a '69 911S Back to Life--Part II

    My initial plan was to learn! At that point (summer 2010,) I discovered the Early 911S registry. I started reading and researching. I bought every 911 book I thought would build my understanding. I stared and stared at the few pictures I had taken, thinking about what I should do and how I would do it. I asked and got bids on full and partial restorations, even though I was not sure what was needed. I lost sleep over thinking about the floors and what corrosion I might find.

    Reaching out to the registry for help, one notable member offered his assistance. I explained that initially I would like to do only what was required to get the car in running/driving condition and I would like to be involved in the process as much as possible. We discussed some options and arranged to meet when I was ready to get going and together look the car over.

    Here are a few more interior pictures. I particularly like the beige basketweave panels on the doors. They match the color and pattern of the interior seat panels, and even though the dash is black basketweave, the pattern presents a nice continuity throughout the interior. (I'm sure some of you will be dying to comment on the door speakers. I'll give a history on when those were put in and my plan with both those and the radio on a subsequent post.)

    So, after many months of waiting and planning (and thinking about my 1-day cleaning experience, where I actually had my hands on the car) I arrived at the storage shed full of anticipation. As I rolled up the door and brushed the cobwebs away, I thought that it looked even better than I remembered it.

    I arranged for transport to my in-laws and got ready for more work--and particularly more cleaning!!

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    Cool barn find!

    Welcome David. Your car is looking better in the last photo. I had a similar barn find, but my car was dry.

    My advice is to take your time and clean with the proper tools. This web site has a wealth of helpful information.

    Try to retain the original paint.

    I look forward to your updates.

    Good luck.
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    I remember your post from Pelican last year. Good to see you secured the car. I brought back a 69S from the dead. I wish I had as nice a starting point. Good luck. My advice is only disassemble when required!
    86 Sport Purpose Carrera "O4"

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