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Thread: FS: 1971 911e/r

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    FS: 1971 911e/r

    This car started out as a 1971 911E. It has been updated to the lighter "R" style car. The 911R was only produced in 1967 and 1968. I tried to replicate the original rare race car the best I could. But made it in my opinion slightly better.

    2.7L Twin Plug Monster
    Weber 46 carbs (Italian)
    PMO manifolds
    Lightweight Plastic Stacks
    Tea Strainers
    JB Racing twin plug distributor
    MSD ignition
    Dual Bendix fuel pumps
    New Engine wiring harness with upgraded wire for larger alternator
    180 amp alternator
    Clear fiberglass engine shroud and surrounding engine
    Stainless steel headers
    Stainless steel muffler
    Sach Clutch
    New engine hardware

    All new bushings, control arms sandblasted and painted, restored as new.
    Bilstein struts up front and Bilstein Shocks in the rear.
    Steering wheel bearings are new and the steering rack works like new.
    New tie rods and ball joints, Upper strut mounts are also new.
    New wheel bearings

    S aluminum calipers up front
    New brake hardware
    Drilled rotors
    Restored M style calipers in the rear
    New brake shields
    All new brake lines hard and soft
    New Master cylinder and reservoir
    Pedal assembly restored and bronze bushings installed.
    Rennline floor board on the drivers side

    901/911 transmission
    5 Spd
    New bearings, gaskets etc...
    Rebuilt driveshafts
    New Stomski shifter coupling
    Stomski transmission mounts

    Special unobtainable original Recaro Racing seats
    Restored with leather, corduroy. Perfect condition
    Lightweight carpet kit professionally installed
    Dash is new and in perfect condition
    Momo prototipo steering wheel
    Carrera seats belts
    911R bolted in roll bar, bases welded to the floor.

    The chassis was completely sanded down to bare metal, every square inch of the rubber factory undercoating was removed and the car was sealed in an epoxy primer. The chassis is 100% rust free. It was put on a chassis jig to ensure that the car was straight. The color chosen was Continental Orange, It was a factory special order color in 1965.
    In order to be 911R accurate I used EB Racings Fiberglass parts. Over $10,000 in new panels. All painstakingly made to fit perfectly. This is one very light 911. Fiberglass doors, fenders, hood, decklid, bumpers...
    911R style hinges on the doors and decklid. Leather door straps for the door windows, just like the original 911R's. A 1972 911 oil console was used and oil tank to put the oil tank in the right rear fender. Just behind the passenger door. New rear quarter panels ensure a rust free body.
    911R lights on the front and rear. 911R plastic door handles. 911R quarter windows.

    911R style fuel tank 100L
    Through hood filler
    New gel battery
    New main front to rear wiring harness
    New engine harness
    New headlight and taillight harness
    New engine wiring harness
    New blinker switch
    New Porsche Horns etc....

    So much of the car is new, I'm sure I'm missing quite a few items. There are a couple things that I need to do to the car after wringing out some bugs. The 911R rear quarter windows were originally glued in. The guy that did mine didn't do a good job. So they need to be reinstalled with better sealant. Suspension will squeak but I'm told that, that is the result of harder new bushings. I also have new rear trailing arms with Stomski mounts. The car drives like a new 1971 911. The handling is superb, brakes amazing and accelerates like nothing else.

    You are welcome to inspect the car. The Weber 46’s are best at high RPM. Full throttle the car screams.
    $$sale pending

    Charlotte NC

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    Please list a specific price. OBO may be employed.
    Peter Kane

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    Restoration pics...
    Attached Images Attached Images      

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    Really nice build! Well priced for that type of work
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    ^^^ Agree.
    Anyone who has done (is is doing) a build knows that the cost is way more than the current asking price.
    Good luck with the sale!
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    My hands and fingers feel the sanding pain. Only those that have done this work know the effort. Thank you to those that understand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrick911 View Post
    ^^^ Agree.
    Anyone who has done (is is doing) a build knows that the cost is way more than the current asking price.
    Good luck with the sale!
    +1. Going through this effort now. 110K is a bargain.

    Very nice car, GLWS.
    Tom White

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    Beautiful car! And as others have stated; seems to be a bargain.

    Very impressive windshield washer fluid product collection as well.


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    Thank you all...

    More Misc pics...
    Nicely fitting fiberglass bumpers, ‘72 oil tank, S brakes, Weltmeister Sway Bar, engine before with Weber 40’s.
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    Gosh, if I wasn't halfway thru my build I would seriously consider. People need to consider what 2 years of their time is worth.
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