Thoroughly enjoyed going through this thread on your awesome '73S! Somehow, I had missed this when you first put it on the Forum. What's better than having a '73S coupe with a matching engine? It's having said car with a replacement engine which happens to be an original '73RS engine from a burned-up Carrera. Very cool! Scott L's work is just superb! I am currently the owner of Bob T's Gold metallic '71 so I know firsthand how spectacular his paint jobs are, not to mention his amazing attention to detail.

Have you put together another thread about the experience of having your 911 used in Maverick? Any interesting stories from that experience? I'm curious, I have not seen the movie yet, but from the promo photo posted above it looks like your car now has the '73 US market big bumpers. Did you change to these, along with the 6" rear wheels for the movie? Thank you.