I live in Anacortes and have an opportunity to buy a rather large new construction man cave/storage facility. It's climate controlled, has facilities, a mezzanine, will have over-sized lockers, a lift, and other amenities. The floor space is more than I require right now so I'm inquiring to see if there might be a need for storage out there. I imagine those from Seattle to Bellingham would be the primary renters. It's about 1.5 hours north of Seattle. The gateway to the San Juans

I'd be on the premises most days for my business and storing my cars there as well. If no interest from the sports car crowd, I can find RV owners in need. I'm also going to check with the Ferrari guys on their forum.

If interested please reply here, just so I can get an unofficial tally. Also, regardless of any interest you may have, what would you like to see in a car storage facility? Thanks!