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Thread: High Beams Always On

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    High Beams Always On

    So I'm not sure what happened. I came out to the car and the batteries where dead in my '71 911E. I disconnected the batteries and recharged them. When I went to reconnect them, the high beams where on. The position of the high beam switch on the stirring column didn't matter and it didn't matter where the car was running or not. They are just on!

    Has the switch on the steering column gone bad or is it the relay or headlight switch? I can't understand why it's pulling power when the ignition is off and headlight switch is off.



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    The high beam flasher is always powered. Sounds like your stalk switch may have gone bad. This thread over at the Bird may be helpful to avoid buying a replacement switch.

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    Thanks Harry for the link! Perhaps it as simple as adjusting the contacts.


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    Hi Chris

    I am troubleshooting a similar problem on my 70 project. I replaced the ignition switch and found that the headlights no longer work.

    The headlights get switched power from the ignition switch through the headlight switch and then the T/S flasher stalk. They should not be getting power with the ignition switched off. I would pop the headlight switch out, without disconnecting any wiring, and check to see if there is power to the black/white wire that feeds the headlights through T/S stalk. This might help to pinpoint the problem.
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    So I haven't time to investigate the problem physically but opening up the owner's manual, it appears that high beam flasher is not always powered. I don't know if this rules out the turn signal/dimmer switch. Power is delivered to the turn signal/dimmer switch when the ignition is off for the overnight parking lights but I don't know if this would cause the high beams to be on with the ignition off and headlight switch off.


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    The headlights will flash without the key being in the ignition switch. Start by pulling the flasher relay behind the combo gauge.
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    Thanks Ed,

    Excuse my innocence. Are you suggesting that I remove the relay and replace it with a new one or if I remove it, there is a way to test to see if the relay is the culprit.



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    remove the relay(standard round black) if the lights go out you've found the culprit
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    So I pulled the relay and the lights went out. Tried plugging in a spare relay and the lights came back on. Unless I have two bad relays, I'm thinking the relay is not the culprit.


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    Then pull the relay and see if you have power to term. 86 with everything off, that term. gets power from term. 57 of the headlight switch which it should only get if the switch is on.
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