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Thread: LSD80% VS LSD40% M220 "Factory"

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    I own several cars with factory installed LSD’s and all were spec’d new at 80% lock. I have personally never seen a late long hood with a 40% lock but That’s not to say it does not exist.
    The 915 gearbox with LSD would receive an aluminum SD tag attached to the diff side cover from factory. Samples of the tags attached on the photo along with their LSD.
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    SD on the label is being translated as differential slip?... because being German etc... in the construction sheet the differential slip is designated as SP already having these letters for it SD unless you are confusing this... the Porsche called his 220 ... SD on the casing? SP on the build token. 220 the number of extra... I see too many meanings to represent the same thing... compared to 80 and 40 from the documents I have seen... 72 80% or that is my perception

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    I would also like to make clear a thought I have about "SP""LSD"SDifference......" in the build sheet. Observing how the porsche does its thing how many of you think that SP is referring to the extra 220 and not to something else? Why does porsche highlight the LSD as SP where the gearbox information goes but more importantly.... Why are there other vehicles that have 220 that do not have that annotation? From what can be deduced from this forum... It is understood by what they say (those who know) Sp is 220. What is this relationship due to? Where does this conclusion come from? If we look at some documents... We see a T next to the model in some vehicles "that could be ST"..... some understand that T as the T of ST others (from what I have read) as tourist delivery... If it were the latter case... why mark it there if you have a box below where to put that data I get the feeling that there are many things in Porsche that are given explanations without having things clear flush We cannot issue verdicts based on belief. Where can I support that LSD was registered as SP? Does anyone have any documents or build sheets worth reading?

    Quote Originally Posted by davep View Post
    because it would be "abbreviated" with the first two letters and not with the two "letters"... which would be SD?


    Quote Originally Posted by gled49 View Post
    No, SP designates limited slip. Late gearboxes had a SP paper tag glued on the top web of the diff case.
    umm that tag you show... is it the tag they named post back that said "SP"?

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    I put these doubts to the Archive Porsche. Not with respect to this image but with reference to the SP designation. They confirmed that SP means LSD as "it is already well known"


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    BMW too had the ZF 168 Diff The only difference is with 40% you have two plain 4mm shims instead of two pairs of friction sets
    40% [] would be the shims and |I a set of outer/inner friction discs
    []|I -- I|[]

    |I|I -- I|I|

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    The late LSD's Also had a reduced number of frictions sets, but without shims. So limited to just 40%.
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    Herr Gonbau.
    When speaking German most refer to "Sperr" (SP) in the short text Instead of saying it’s full technical description "Sperrdifferential" (SD). It’s not that complicated. It all refers to the same thing.

    And a Photo of the last simplified non adjustable 40% LSD. This was also used in the 924 S1 turbo snail shell housing transmissions which are based on the 915 but with a dogleg 1st gear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glaverbel911 View Post
    And a Photo of the last simplified non adjustable 40% LSD. This was also used in the 924 S1 turbo...
    Well, as long as Robert's putting his stash on display, here's an 80% 15-bolt ZF from a 917 transmission :-)

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    That is an amazing piece Jon

    I dont suppose there is any way to shoehorn it into my 915 box if I can afford the kidney and other assorted body parts for it
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    Indeed Very sexy Jon. I Have a slightly off topic tool question for you if Gonbau does not mind.
    Have you ever seen this version of the P80 or VW288 backlash tool ? This has no tool number or mfg identity markings but functions well.
    I have never been able to label it.
    Thank you.
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    Well, if the dial indicator position is fixed, and it looks like it is, than the distance from the ring centerline should tell u what the application is.

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