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Thread: Engine Broke 2.7 Post.

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    Engine Broke 2.7 Post.

    Is there interest in opening a post for the restoration of the 2.7 L engine of my car? I know a little about mechanics! But I think that with advice and reading I can try ... But my question is whether it would be interesting to open a post about this or there is already enough about this type of issue in this forum ... I have doubts. Disassemble the flywheel and there I have an oil leak .. That could respond to the oil pressure but not to the axial play of the crankshaft .. These types of queries are what I would make in the post about the engine ... That guy of noob stuff ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by _gonbau View Post
    Is there interest in opening a post for the restoration of the 2.7 L engine of my car?
    Yes, of course.
    Have you rebuilt other engines, of any type? Which manuals are you using for reference? Do you have the necessary tools and equipment?

    Jon B.
    Vista, CA

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    Hello, I want to ask the following. We are going to see the engine in these weeks. I have still touched it so I cannot know its condition. I have this video of when I tried to start it (don't yell or hit me for it)

    With this video we have gone to the mechanic who is going to work the engine and according to what he sees in the video... He says that the crankshaft is broken. So I don't know if he's saying it because of his knowledge or because it's what people around here say all these years because of the things my father used to say that the car did when it broke down. I have some questions....
    Is it possible that the crankshaft is broken and the engine turns easily? The mechanic says yes...
    He recommends us, as they told me in this forum, to use a rebuilt engine and put our injection on it... I don't have numbers to calculate all this so I don't know how to value it.
    Our engine is to be thrown in the "garbage"? Is there a possibility to fix it? Or... you can simply sense that it is broken inside? In that case... what could be saved from this 2.7 engine and what other rebuilt blocks have prices?
    when splitting a there a loss of oil pressure without spilling to the outside?
    add....the little force when turning is due to the fact that I took a used battery from my grandmother's Vw from the garage....
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    Is there any way to see if the crankshaft is broken without completely disassembling the engine?
    Shall I break the oil filter to see if there is metal debris in there?tpon.jpg

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    You might as well pull the engine, even if just to learn about it. If you are planning to rebuild, buy Wayne's book from Pelican Parts.
    If you don't have repair facilities on the Canarias, ship it off to a rebuilder on the continent.
    Aqui hay varios socios basados en Europa que te podrķan reconstruir tu motor.

    '73 S Targa #0830 2.7 MFI rebuilt to RS specs

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    I'm sure I'll try it...Now we're trying to see which way to go...If we can switch to other engines, buy another 2.7 engine...or send the engine to a mechanic for evaluation...But the truth. ..I would not be interested in him disassembling the engine and telling me that it is broken and kept in pieces...For that, I prefer to buy another engine and take the one I have as "learning"...I don't know yet, I have many things to look at ...I'm going to see where I can buy the book. Greetings

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