Hello from West Texas.

This is my first post, and hopefully not my last post

My dad, born in Canada, 1942, joined the United States Air Force in 1960, and served 31 years, achieving the rank of Chief Master Sergeant.

While stationed in Germany in the '80s, he purchased a 1970 Porsche 911.

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He kept it with him throughout his time in Germany, and when he was sent to Hawaii towards the end of his time in the Air Force, he shipped his Porsche to have and drive in Hawaii.

Fast forward to July 1992, and I'm born. Shortly afterwards, in late '92, mom and dad shipped themselves and the Porsche to Texas.

Once in Texas, the car was unloaded, and in the process of doing so, the shipping company ran over a concrete barrier and did some damage to the front end of the car, including the bumper, to what extent I'm not sure.

So, in to storage she went, in the winter of '92.

Fast forward to 2021, my dad is 79 years old, and in less than ideal health, however, he retains all of his mental faculties and fortitude.

And, with that, he knows that I have heard all the stories of the "old bomb" and have played in, on, and around the car since I was able to walk. And, this past weekend, he asked me to truck it from his property to my garage, in hopes that I would be able to give it better shelter, and do what work I could on it, as I was able to.

And so here I am, with not a clue what I have on my hands, and nothing but time to do my dad's old bomb justice.