Hello All,

I have been on the forum before to alert the Porsche community, but many are still falling vicitm of Laurina Esposito of Espo Resto, John Espositio Porsche Repair and Women in Porsche (WIP).

I am including a link started by the Woman In Porsche. This is an organization created by Laurina, that is stealing and doing fraudulent activity within the Porsche community.


I encourage you all to let the community know, especially those involved with WIP. There are still many women (worldwide) that are paying Laurina with membership fees.

There are countless people that have been effected by Laurina's web of lies/deceit. It is time to put this to an end before more fall victim, and lose money to her.

I am happy to direct any woman that are involved in WIP, to the appropriate parties.

Thank you, Alex @ Restoration Design Inc.

Alert: Women in Porsche & Laurina Esposito

Hallo passionate Porsche friends!
The Women in Porsche organization cancelled a women's retreat around the LA Auto Show in which we were to attend. The founder, Laurina Esposito, of Esposito Restoration in LA still brought 2 cars to display but cancelled the retreat and after many attempts, has not refunded our money. We all paid 4 figures for this event.