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Thread: My move to the dark side

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    My move to the dark side

    Once the 72T was sold, I wanted to get something a bit more modern to drive and have fun with. I think I found it...

    - Arne
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    Those are WAY under-rated. Tune it to it's potential and blow doors on 911's.

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    You can have it both ways you know?! I had a 2014 Cayman S for a year or so while waiting for my Macan, and it was a blast. And unlike our early cars, you don't have to worry that it will melt in the salt and snow.

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    OH, have I been wanting one of these myself... I don't have much desire for the bloated flagships and lets face it, if you aren't tracking, a GT2/GT3 is a waste of performance unless you're in the game to make money down the road with low mileage 'collectors'.

    I could make the exception for the GT4, LOL...

    Back to the smaller scalpels for carving on a VERY REGULAR basis rather than the sledge hammers.
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    Arne, I wouldn't consider this anything close to the dark side. They remain more true to the early 911s than anything else in the current Porsche lineup. Caymans are so underrated being overshadowed by the 911.

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    others have said it, I will repeat, these Caymans, especially the early 987 and 981 generation are light, tossable and extremely visceral. I owned a Cayman R, got a great deal on it because it had a few miles on it and PDK. When the market went bonkers, I was able to upgrade to a 2016 GT4...and it is sublime. Very balanced, very connected and the shifter is simply outstanding. I got a great deal but I expect this might be the last real, mechanical car I will ever own.

    The 987 was fun because it was more mechanical. But the GT4, well, it's just outrageous. last of the normally aspirated flat-6, gobs of power and still under 3000 lbs. just barely.
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    I drove all 3 generations - 987, 981 and 718. The 981 felt just a touch more "GT car" than either of the other two, despite the 718 being much the same chassis as the 981. This one is a local, one-owner base 2.0L with PDK and 22,000 miles. Wasn't first delivered until May 2019, so still has over a year of original warranty left.

    And it is a total kick to drive...
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    - Arne
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    I love Caymans and they are great cars.
    But the dark side? Ha I say....

    I just recently bought this guy, and this indeed is a move to the "dark" side if you ask me.


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    I love it doug !!!
    Chuck Miller
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    Whoa, Congratulations Arne! Your posts on the Z forums are still a wealth of information.
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