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Thread: Ideal sleeper ignition system?

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    Ideal sleeper ignition system?

    hi guys, I'm curious what the ideal ignition setup is for a 2.2s with carbs?
    I'm running:
    single plug
    a stock and fully refurbished CDI box (by Lutz at
    Bosch dizzy
    cap with limitless rotor
    Pertronix igniter, pointless
    corresponding wires
    NGK spark plugs

    My goal is to give the impression of stock but the guts are updated and I really want multispark but don't want the big red box. I used to have MSD on this setup and I really felt the motor come alive at 5000 rpm. I had some ignition cut out issues which were likely PMO transition issues wherein the engine builder removed the MSD, disparaging it all the way.

    What are the thoughts on these as replacement/upgrades:
    123 Ignition (makes the CDI box unnecessary)
    3 PIN Bosch looking box with updated internals

    what is your opinion?
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    I've had complete failure of a 123 ignition distributor from mittel motor. I'm going back to old-school. In my case, it's a twin plug, so JB racing is my next try
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    Quote Originally Posted by blucille View Post
    I've had complete failure of a 123 ignition distributor from mittel motor. I'm going back to old-school. In my case, it's a twin plug, so JB racing is my next try
    First I’ve heard of an MM dizzy failure. Was there no warranty or was it outside the period?
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    You might consider giving Bob Ashlock a call. He makes 'modern' more efficient CDI designs that have much less voltage dropoff at high rpms.

    I am seriously considering using his dual CDI box (two cdi units in one box) for my upcoming twin plug engine build.

    Then again, if your CDI box has already been refurbished, it might be better to leave well enough alone.
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    I used to disparage MSD ignition but now am using it. Cheap oil filled Chinese capacitors vs. polyester caps in Bosch cd boxes don’t give confidence but who else has multiple sparks and big fat spark like MSD? Accel used to have one but MSD bought them out and discontinued it. Another plus for MSD is their line of spark timing control units. I’m installing the dash dial for as much as plus or minus 7.5 degrees.
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    here are some good inputs, have seen, that you are from Copenhagen. You could also consider an ignition from AKI in Bavaria. They are quite well known in the BMW scene and have some nice solutions. So far I can say, they work very well…. the have a double ignition spark and the higher models are even programmable.

    You could integrate their” triggersystem” in your distributor…..

    Some ramrks about the 123 ignition. I’m running regualry a 123 ignition in a 1600 Beetle, works great and the upgrade was it worth. So far I had no problems. But it's a beetle... in the 911 could be adifferent thing, especially when you have the HKZ.

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    Im running an Ashlock twin plug in one box set up with a JB racing dizzy. Nothing but good times so far.... People do ask where the other CDI box is hidden
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    Years ago I stealth mounted a MSD for a friend. I started by removing the decals and scuffing the box with a scotch bright, painting it with SEM trim black. I hung the box from the fire wall in back (pretty much invisible). Used rubber isolators with cut outs in the sound pad, fender washers small nuts on top that the package shelf upholstery covered. Sheathed all of the wire, used Wurth crimp connectors with shrink wrap. I had Paint matched to the Bosch brown for the tops of the two coils. Blind man would never know the difference. Wish I had pics…
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