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Back in the early 80's I worked for PolyGram Records in New Zealand. Had all these great albums, including many German pressings on the Classical Deutsche Grammophon label. I remember how heavy they each were. Gave them all away....It was fun to go into the sound room and listen to new releases stamped from the masters that were shipped in from overseas...
Never heard of pressings like that.. but interesting. Classical is not to everyone's taste, with hundreds of years history, so it's a tall order to gain any understanding of the volume of stuff out there. Otoh, it's worth the effort if you don't mind the archeology to learn about it. One thing that never seems to get old on vintage Advents, is Maurice André paired with a cathedral pipe organ in the late 70's. Talented when young, thrown out of a conservatory for lack of work ethic, which probably had something to do with how he developed. Never hear something like him again.