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Thread: 3 pin CDI box rebuild problem

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    3 pin CDI box rebuild problem


    My 1973 2.7l MFI car has a perfectly working 3 pin Permatune brand CDI box. On the shelf I had a condition unknown Bosch 3 pin CDI box from a car I parted out.

    Having decided to dress up the engine compartment and make it look original with the Bosch unit, I sent the Bosch unit to Parts Klassik for rebuild.

    When Parts Klassik returned the Bosch unit, I installed it. However the engine would spin but not fire. I put a timing light on #1 cylinder, but no flash.

    I reinstalled the Permatune Box and the engine fired up immediately.

    I checked timing (TDC) and dwell (38 degrees)

    I called Parts Klassik and they said:

    1.They rebuild the Bosch CDI to a closer tolerance than original and that it is the fault of my oem original spec. (points) system that their rebuild does not the see the 1973 original trigger signal to fire the plugs.
    2. I asked them what I needed to to do to make their rebuild work in my stock 73 system. Adjust timing? Dwell?
    3. They said that I needed an oscilloscope to address the issue. When I asked if the scope would give me the data that I needed to make the plugs fire, they told me that maybe I didn't need a scope after all.
    4. They then said that maybe I had a failing tach. I told them that the tach was rebuilt by North Hollywood when the engine was rebuilt 5 years ago.

    Currently the Permatune is back in the car and working well and trouble free. But having spent all this money on a non working unit from Parts Klassik, I would still like to have a functioning Bosch Unit in the car.

    What am i missing here? What can I or should I do to make the Pasrts Klassik rebuild unit work? The sophistication that they claim is nice but I just need basic functionality.


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    I had the same experience with PK. No help, no exchange, no refund. Only Ashlock Tech from now on!
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    Similar issue cost me many 000’s of dollars trying to solve and Partsklassic was terrible. Never again.
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    Ashlock absolutely. I say that even though I have a P.K. rebuilt and revlimiter box that has been working for years (with points no less) Now that I've said that it will quit tomorrow!
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    Had a 3 month old P. K. leave me on the side of the road....just ask Ed!....There are more than several cars in my orbit running Ashlock boxes now...and all are very happy with Bob's product...Permatunes are nice back ups that will get you always keep a spare

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    Thanks to all for the good advice. I plan to contact PK in the morning to see if they will stand behind their promise to either make it work or refund my money.


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    I had a customer last year who had his car towed it as a no start. Turned out the be PK coil. Service records in glove box showed it was installed less than 100 miles earlier.
    Called them and they would do nothing. It was one of their coils made to look like the original black Bosch coil. Only Ashlock for ignition.

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    Agree with all of the above. Only Ashlock for CDI. PK provided me 2 coils that failed quickly and would not support me after the sale.

    I suggest you request/demand a full refund.
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    Its amazing how PK treat folks. I don't buy anything from them anymore.
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    And, they run a full page color ad in our ESSES!

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