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Thread: Door Rubber Installation Problem -- Any magic words?

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    Door Rubber Installation Problem -- Any magic words?

    As many of you know, I'm trying to wrap the restoration of '68 SWT 11880001. I'm in that frustrating phase of dealing with assorted minutia & details.

    I've installed and reinstalled the rubber around the lower rear corner of the door 4-6 times, but it keeps popping loose, as shown in the photo. (Same problem on both sides.)

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this resolved permanently?

    I am open to virtually any constructive suggestions, before resorting to incantations, magic potions, and cursing in multiple languages.

    Thanks, in advance, for any help.
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    You're probably too tight in that corner so in the straight areas up to 1-2 feet back pull towards that corner to give you more slack in the corner.
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    Try installing it dry to get a good fit, then place about 5 pairs of one inch masking tape at various places around the seal and opposite on the door jamb. Then take a marker to draw a line on each opposing paring of tape so when you remove to apply the glue, you have references to reinstall (align the marks on each piece of tape)

    Start with the upper rear square corner and work across and down in equal length sections
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    If that seal is from International Mercantile Terry Morhaus then it’s garbage. Total garbage - he measured the dimensions from my cars numerous times, made it too thin and used the wrong rubber material - too dense, not spongy enough. He wouldn’t listen to my feedback because he is beyond stubborn. It will not stay in the channel because it has no squish. I recently tried to return a couple sets of his door rubber seals and Terry chased me out of his shop with fists in the air like a fighting sailor - he is 84yrs old. International Mercantile return policy - is a foot in the ass. I would have knocked him right to the ground if he was 20yrs younger. I’ve known Terry for 23 years, our friendship wasn’t worth $200 to him and the grouchy old bastard is going to die angry and alone because he is suck a jerk.

    Honestly I have tried over and over to use these dumb original seals, there is not one proper reproduction on the market. Stoddard has the best one so far but it still won’t seal perfectly against most coupes - let alone a targa. I think I’m going to go back to the updated hollow seal.

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    …. you’ve captured Terry pretty well
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    Magic words -

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