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Thread: 67 non-S Bosch Distributor Rotor?

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    67 non-S Bosch Distributor Rotor?

    Looking for a distributor rotor for a 67 non-S.
    This one could be the original?
    Markings ZVVT14Z2 and 1234332159 with the Bosch logo and 7100 which I think is the limiter number.

    Can anyone point me to a replacement?
    Also - should there be continuity between the outer "ring" and the top center where it contacts the coil wire connection on the cap?

    Thank you,

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    Quote Originally Posted by gyoza View Post
    Also - should there be continuity between the outer "ring" and the top center where it contacts the coil wire connection on the cap?
    Brian, only when the rev-limit device is fully extended.

    Jon B.
    Vista, CA

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    Thank you, Jon. Makes sense.

    I think this is the original one, still.
    Replacement proving difficult to locate.

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    Be careful of the newer replacements, I think shaft hole is slightly bigger, would be loose on your distributor shaft. Why do you need to replace it?
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    67 non-s. Won’t start. Cranks but no spark.
    So far, coil condenser and points check out.
    No spark holding plug wire to case and cranking.
    Has been difficult to start for quite a while but now has progressed to not starting.

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    The metal ring should have continuity with the metal tab in the hole where the rotor mounts to the distributor, and hence to ground. 7100 is indeed the RPM at which the sliding part should ground itself to the metal ring. Why not try a rotor that doesn't have the rev limiter.
    Bob B
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    Hi Brian,

    Your Bosch 1234332159 is an original distributor rotor for the Bosch JFDR6 0231159001 distributor used since 01/66 for 911 normal, 911T and 911L.
    If the distibutor rotor is turning when cranking and if there isn't any spark holding plug wire to case and cranking it is most likely the coil.
    Hope it helps.


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    Is this Bosch nos new in box in my FS listing the one you need? It is an old item maybe not as old as yours but the packaging shows it has some age.

    Here is my FS listing giving some details:

    I have shown the vehicle application list taken from a period Bosch yellow pocket reference book I own — this OEM supplier’s old literature so hopefully is correct. I don’t know more so can only show the information from Bosch on good faith.

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    A similar rotor to mine sold here, its seller gave some slightly different vehicle applications but while I’m not challenging that, I don’t know their source.

    Also the actual rotor for sale is shown below to see the form and condition — item itself had 7100 marked among the other Bosch part details

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    As can be seen mine is a nice condition nos rotor so deserves to be in a nice car — if it is the right version for your application let me know.

    If mine is not the right version for your car despite what the old Bosch booklet suggests, then no big deal to me. I’m sure it will find a good home because it’s a new in Bosch box NOS so can’t be too many still in period vintage original packaging with part numbers extant.


    Ps I have a Porsche to Bosch cross reference by the Bosch U.K. form the sixties. Hard copy that gives the equivalent Porsche part number. It doesn’t give the Porsche car model but that can be derived from the porche part number. From what I see it tallies with what others have said. Perhaps the Bosch old number was superseded if the original ans old bush oart retired so no longer available.

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    Taking the hard copy Bosch booklet information I’ve shown above at face value I wouldn’t be surprised to find the old Bosch part number on the equivalence table was superseded by the old part I’m offering — but I don’t know that for a fact. I note comment on the fit to shaft but again I don’t know if that would be the case or not as my item is certainly old stock not a recently made rotor.

    Hope this helps
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    Here pictures out of the Bosch part list 29.12.1967 for Porsche 911:

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    Kontaktsatz=contact set
    Verteilerläufer=distributor rotor
    Verteilerkappe= cap
    Staubschutzkappe=dust cover

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    Pictures of original NOS SWB 2.0 Liter 911S up to 07/68
    Distributor rotor 01234332161
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    Pictures of original NOS LWB 2.0 Liter 911S 1969 MY only
    Distributor rotor 01234332172
    Name:  20230922_144941.jpg
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