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Thread: California may crack down on classic cars

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    It is not just the US, many countries have more stringent tests than the US, Mexico City and the states surrounding it require bi annual smog checks @$50 a pop. Even so once the car is more than a year old you can only use it 6 days a week, as it ages it is usable fewer days.
    Fines are very high for non compliance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RSTarga View Post
    It is not just the US, many countries have more stringent tests than the US, Mexico City and the states surrounding it require bi annual smog checks @$50 a pop. Even so once the car is more than a year old you can only use it 6 days a week, as it ages it is usable fewer days.
    Fines are very high for non compliance.
    But we're not only told what kind of car we can drive, but which appliance may be in the kitchen, the kind of furnace installed, the type of house you're allowed to build....and this is just a partial list.

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    Evidence politicians listen of it affects votes.
    This has risen up U.K. the national political agenda because expanding the ultra low emissions zone — a policy by the Labour Party London Mayor— is thought to have cost Labour party a win in national government by-election for ex PM Boris Johnston’s parliamentary seat. A natinal election seat not a council local election seat — Thai got attention when a national general election is on the horizon. The prime minister has recently delayed ban on IC engine vehicles by 5 years and now this. The motorist has long been a soft touch for revenue by the local authorities — Borough and county councils — on pretext of safety when fined for speeding’s or emissions control payments but it has become a national debate. There are grounds for safety and emissions but perhaps that hand being overplayed by mayor who saw resistance from surrounding county councils — became a hot topic on the on counties around london where people were affected by ULEZ as need to go into the wider seas because in some cases zone starts a street away. But affected despite not their council who implemented it. Likewise the closing off of certain roads in london to people from outside that borough is proving contentious. The network of cycle lanes implemented is another big push that spilt opinion as reduced road space for cars on some places in the capital.

    My neighbour replaced a perfectly serviceable BMW diesel runaround that he had owned from new as would have cost 12.50 per day to take it off his drive doe to ULEZ expansion. The car was sold to someone in countryside where there is no ULEZ and prbaly will do more miles there than in suburbs of london. Meanwhile he bought a new compliant IC on its place (so less emissions but still emits ) to replace. It seems the scheme has moved the more polluting diesel car elsewhere. Maybe slightly cleaner air in greater london but the world overall no better — maybe now scheme adding more with it directly causing two vehicles to be on the road where there was one before. Even if had bought BEV to replace same point when the through life of making running disposing are added hardly zero.

    I don’t ever recall a prime minister weighing in on a range of such motoring matters and obviously it’s positioning ahead of a general election but it’s making headlines:

    London a world city with a large population has well publicised congestion charge and ULEZ is probably watched by other places around the world to see how such things play out.

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    update-- the governor of California just signed into law lifting the ban on low rider classic cars as it singled out Latino and other populations. The majority of those cars are 50 and 60 plus years old just like ours. Some cities thought low Riders brought crime and a bad element to their cities. It was ruled unconstitutional by California. Sounds to me like we can now ride on the coat tails of this rule with our sports cars I hope. The signing was done this week of October 7 2023. Chris
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    10 minutes online. I've spent a lot of hours looking into up and downstream of the EV experience. If someone wants a EV fine with me. Maybe spend a little time doing some environmental research on the before and after environmental costs. I ain't buying what the world govt's are selling. Ford, GM, and others are loosing billions on the EV experiment. The new Caddy top end 2024 EV SUV, 7500 pounds. Is that a good use of the world's resources? Hmm.
    I'm glad I can still drive an ICE car. At 71 I won't care how I get around in 15 years. Self driving Porsches might be quite appealing at that point if I'm still above ground.
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