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Thread: Shell decal

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    Shell decal

    O.k., o.k. So we're taking this Shell decal too serious..

    Attached a link of Shell pecten history, which shows the development of the logo. The yellow/red decal offered by our Registry has the earlier 1961 style logo; The white/yellow/red decal for sale at different vendors, features the 1971 logo. I know that Shell took house style changes very serious, with all gasoline pumps being replaced asap just for the appearance. It would mean that the "later" style logo already fits our 1972 and 1973 models. This could be the reason why I haven't found any 1972/73 models with the old style decal. Any comment?

    Here's the link, have fun!;


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    Thank you Tom, for discovering that very important evidence. Now we know which is which. The one offered by the Registry is only correct for cars upto 1970.

    Sherwood - why don´t ask the guy who makes the decals, to make the post-1971 version also? I believe Registry´s is a better quality than other vendors.


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    The white, yellow and red Decal that has been available for years 911.701.001.00 was a very late seventies into eighties decal. There was never a Shell sticker on car's prior to 1972. The above mentioned decal was also never factory install in 73. Please stop there.....
    Factory Shell stickers, in slightly different form, 75-76 were also only yellow and red.
    Years of unavailable parts being replaced with supercedes are throwing people off....


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    Rick Cabell

    Re: decal

    I have 2 74 Euro Carreras(2.7 MFI) The shell decal on one is missing, and the other is very faded from heat and time. Is your label correct for this car. Also, is the registry going to have these available at Ventura.
    Also, on the rear of left rear quarter window has signs of a round sticker that is gone. In your original batch of those stickers,is the correct one for the 74 in there. If so, would it be the Can Am one?

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    Chuck Miller

    > Re: decal

    - I'm pretty sure Rob's Shell sticker is not correct for your 74' (however Rob can tell you more)

    - Yes, the Registry will have all of Rob's deacals and Shell stickers available at Ventura.

    - No, we astblished that the window decal Rob made is uneque to the last half of the 73' (F-program). It has a silver backgrund and a one year only date - 72'

    - The one you want is the 'two year' CanAm decal. It has a gold background and has a 72'-73' date.

    We will have all of Rob's other window decals at Ventura as well.


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    Chuck Miller

    >>oops... wait-a-minute


    One more thing, if your 74' Carrera's are early issue
    (G-Program) first 5-6 months (late Sept. 73' - Feb/March 74') They could indeed have the 'silver' one year - 72' decal. Mike M's (Freeman's former car) Mexcio blue 74' has the silver one year 72' decal.

    It all depended on when the racing victories caught up to the assembly line, and the export/delivery holding area.

    Check your VIN buddy ...


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    Weltmeister decal..

    Where can I get the correct for my(USA) 71 911S Targa? emailed the link on the decal page the other day, and never got a response. Is he on vacation?
    BTW, I got my COA in the mail, and my targa's build date is 3/13/71.


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    Hi Rick.
    The 72' Can-am is correct for your car. Porsche used that decal right into the 74 model year. Pick-up an old road & track for the proof.
    My 74 Euro Carrera came with the Shell decal here on the registry but I also believe it to be the first 74' Carrera produced. It was built very early in 73. I have no proof though that the shell sticker carried on with the MFI cars.
    Hope to see you in Ventura Rick.

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    Chuck Miller

    > Weltmeister decal..


    Yah, Mike Hammond has been on vacation, he mentioned at our meeting Sat. he had some orders he had to tend to.

    It seems your right on the cusp as to which decal is right for your car ... 69' through 3/71 ... or 69'-70' starting in 3/71 ...

    Check the site again and order the one you like the best
    ... it's a good thing when you get to deside.

    Hope this helps,


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    Re: > Weltmeister decal..

    Thanks Chuck,

    I guess since my car was made fairly early in March, I'll go with the earlier decal.

    <img src= ALT="">

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