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Thread: What seatbelts?

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    What seatbelts?

    Hello - While I've been readying my recently purchased 71S for the road I knew I needed to add some seatbelts, but when I looked for the place to mount a simple 3-point harness today I only found a B-pillar bolt hole near the top. I was expecting to find at least one at the base and another between the front seats. What kind of belts were used in a '71 and what are some ways you folks have added them if the original set-up didn't meet your needs? I have Recaro sport seats and don't see an obvious place to mount seatbelts directly to these either. Any aftermarket belt recommendations/solutions instead of a harness? Anyone ever weld in a couple eyelets, clip in a simple lapbelt and call it a day? Thanks for helping a new recruit.

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    re: belts

    i have a 71 s targa with the original sport seats. my car came with three point, non-retracting, belts. one end of the belt was attached to the b pillar and the other end to the ouside of the seat near the pivot point. the reciever was attached to the inside of the seat near the pivot point.

    i purchased a new set of belts from PEProducts (805-528-788 . according to them they buy the materials from the same company that currently supplies porsche. they have the non-retracting, 3 point, belts but i opted for a pair of inertia reel (retracting) belts ($300 for the front pair). it wasnt too hard to fit these since the mounting hole is already there. you can see it from inside the rear wheel well (ahead of the rear wheel). they work and fit great.

    im not sure whats involved in adding inertial reel belts to a coupe that didnt already come with them.

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    i dont know why that smiley face was put there but the number is:

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    Roland Kunz



    The pre 73 cars have no bolt hole in the frame. Porsche used to fix the belts on the seatrails.

    The bolt hole for the winder is existing but covered under the cover.

    You can see it from the wheelhousing

    Porsche germany has replaced the belt by a newer unit but still has most parts for the conversion.

    I would buy the conversionparts used ( Coupe and Targa are different ) and get new belts except you have a trailor queeen.


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    Re: seatbelts

    Thanks fellas. When I spoke with PEProducts about my options, I was enlightened that my seats are in fact non-stock Recaros from the late 70's. The Recaro badge on the backrest was the giveaway. At least they match the period quite well. Anyway, thanks for the usual assistance to those in training.

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    I'm getting ready to install the inertia reel type belts in a 69S. I see the mount hole in the fender well. Any tricks to this installation before I start?? Thanks


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    You'll need to poke through the rear panel to access the existing retractor mount hole, then fabricate a spacer so the retractor sits at the same height as the panel surface. If you don't, tightening the bolt will compress the panel and padding underneath and prevent the retractor from working correctly. Maybe there's a factory spacer available; not sure. The factory manual describes the pieces and installation angles.

    I assume you have stock seats where you can mount the seat belt anchor (on one end) and the seat belt receptacle (on the other end) directly on the seat/seat rails.

    I have early Recaros (LS model) on my '69 which have no provisions to mount seat belt hardware. For the belt anchor, I installed a regular seat belt anchor eye bolt onto the floor just behind the seat. For the belt receptacle (female side of latch), I fabricated a mounting bracket on the center tunnel between the seats that holds driver/pass. factory swiveling seat belt receptacle. A large washer under the tunnel reinforces this mount.

    Sherwood Lee

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    How thick is that washer? I guess I could stack a few fender washers between the panel and the frame? I've got factory sport seats and I believe they have threaded holes for the hardware.....Thanks

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    Seat belt

    From my recollection, about 3/4 - 1"

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    cant speek for coupes but on my targa the reel bolts to the sheet metal with only the thin sound insulation in between. the interior panel then goes over it (it actually fits over even though you would think the reel would leave a big bulge it doesnt). you cut a hole in the surface of the panel (the cardboard back of the panel already has the hole). paproducts has the trim/belt guide that finishes off the hole.

    then they supply a spacer for the guide thats up on the "b" pillar.

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