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    I finally figured out why my 73 RS doesn't keep a charge. While on the charger today, I noticed a hissing, bubbling sound, and the batteries got really hot. I disconnected and pulled the batteries out and discovered there isn't much liquid left in the cells. I guess I overcooked them.

    Anyone know where I can find a set of the European Varta batteries? Their website doesn't show a distributor in the USA. I was hoping to keep the car with european batteries, but if not, perhaps a USA brand and model that is known to fit in those little battery wells?

    Suggestions appreciated.

    Perry Lee

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    i bought 2 batteries for my 71 911s from my local porsche dealer last fall. i'm not sure who makes em (i can check if u want) but they say "porsche" on the side and were about $60 each.

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    Roland Kunz

    The same batterytype was used in the 12V beetles.
    Make sure the venthoses for the battery are on there place or go to a total sealed unit.


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    I remember seeing once a "battery conditioner", some chemical you put into your battery to "restore" the condition of the battery.

    anyone ever try it?

    so that i can drive my car in the meantime, i'm getting a set of good ol' american batteries to use. just wanted to know if there's a way to salvage my old batteries to use for concours.

    btw, i did call my local porsche dealer today. they have a battery available for $90, but it wasn't in stock.


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    Battery ideas

    I have had no luck in finding a replacement battery that will fit the holes properly, there our a few honda batterys that will slide in there small enough I bit Pricie the new factory batteries have a side vent on them which I plumed out side of the car and they fit the batteries were 160.00 mail order . Performance products also theirs is Battery conditioner that you can hook up to both Batteries Batteries Plus sell these units they keep the batteries from sulfating by sending a small pulse through the plates and they run off the battery I have one unit on my 71 since 99 on new set of batteries the car is stored during the winter months it has never failed yet has never been charged since they have installed the unit sell 68.00 they also make solar units that will and small trickle but this would be the ticket also the miltary uses these units on tanks and trucks in storage and they have had amazing results saving us millions dollars on batteries, It seems to be working for me. Good luck

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    Roland Kunz

    Battery ideas


    Had been in my local Walmart and they had them for 20$ on regular sale. With 2 Year full refund waranty.

    My local VW dealer wants 35 $ with 6 months waranty.

    My gas station have them on stock for 30 -45 $

    Bosch has it as a full closed version for 45 $

    Wana fly over to Stuttgart ?

    Like I said it is the standard 12V 36 Ah Volkswagen Battery and still today used in smal cars like Polo, Lupo, Punto, Corsa.

    If you ask your local dealer for a pre 73 Porsche battery he will even not look in the cataloge.

    Get a battery out and look at the ordernumber or take it to the local dealer and say "Volkswagen aircooled beetle please".

    All batteries have a sidevent mostly pluged one side and the other open.

    Some batteries have no vent and are complette closed.


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    The dealer DOES carry them. I bought two last year. He had them in stock. They were $3.00 more than a similar battery, at the "discounted " places. They have the Porsche script on the side and have a two year "no questions asked" gaurentee. Mine are still crankin'.

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