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Thread: window decals

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    window decals

    i own a 73.5 911T and i was wondering about the quarter window decals. there are obious signs of a circular decal being on the right 1/4 window. but its a 73.5! would there be a world champion decal from 69, 70, 71? i would understand on a 72 911. similarly on the left hand side 1/4 window is a rectangular faded sticker. is this a tire size/inflation sticker? tweeks offers something of the sort but i thought i might run it by the guys first. thanks -tommy-

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    Chuck Miller

    window decals

    Tommy, the scar you have on your right rear window is
    probably from the original factory Weltmeister 1972 CanAM/Interseries championship 'silver globe' decal. This is the correct decal for your car. The down side is, it's virtually impossible to find. The 1973 cars had the one year only 72' silver decal. The 1974 cars had the two year 72'73' CanAm/Interseries
    Championship 'gold globe' decal. The sequence is logical, all through 1973 the last championship Porsche
    won was in 1972. By the time the 1974 models were around Porsche had already won both the 72' and 73'
    championships. As far as I know the late 1973 cars did not originally run the 69'-71' 'World' decal. And, the
    72'73' 'gold globe' 1974 decal is not too difficult to find (at one time Stoddard had them). The real tough
    one is the one you need. When I got my 73' it had one in very bad shape. I found another brand new, at a 356
    swap being sold by a German guy about 10 years ago. I know of a couple of them being hoarded like jewels.
    If you want to see what it looks like there is a picture of one in the Carrera book.

    The other is probably the factory 'see-through' sticker that I think had D.O.T. tire info. on it.

    Hope this helps, ...and good luck you'll need it buddy.
    BTW- If ya find a source PLEASE let me know, I would like another one just in case.


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    Chuck Miller

    window decals

    One correction I would like to make. The 72'73' 'gold
    globe' CanAM/Interseries decal came out in LATE 1974 into 1975. Logic being the 74' model year started in Sept/Oct and the 73' championship wasn't won until the
    end of the racing year.

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    1973 911s Targa

    What decals would the above car have?


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    1973.5 911T

    thanks for your help. ive been looking on the internet and as you suggested: very difficult to find or even read up on. the clear tire sticker shouldnt be to tough to locate but i gues ill just look a little harder at the upcomming swaps to find a correct champ sticker. thanks again, very informative. where can i read about this type of restoration? the books i have dont even touch on the details that vary between years and months. this late 73 thing is getting very interesting...

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    Chuck Miller

    window decals

    Bin readin up on this a little. DAMN, I wish I had a
    computer at home where all my STUFF is. Anyway, the
    Carrera book is a great resource for not only RS's
    but for all things 73' if you know what your looking for, and know what parts weren't exclusively RS. The book has a 'parts change-out date chronology. And RS's DID share the same assembly line. The book says the
    69'-71' World Championship decal was used till March
    3, 1973 when it was replaced with the GEWINNT (not Welt
    meister-my mistake)CAN-AM

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    Can-Am 1972

    The 1972 can-am stickers are pretty much impossible to find like Chuck was saying. I myself do have a few originals, but they are NOT for sale, please don't even ask. But, I am currently working on getting a small batch of them reproduced.
    Also thinking of having the art work made up for the 69 and 69-70-71 weltmeister decals. Any interested members out there, let me know.

    Thanks, Robert Gross
    I can be reached at

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    Chuck Miller

    window decals

    Like I said 'hoarded like jewels'
    Please keep me mind for the new production run Bob.

    OR .. have a perfect 73' Monterey Parade decal to trade
    for one of your NOSs'. As you know it's the 'bent cypress' Gold/white/and green parade graphic, a beautiful piece. I have one on my opposite quarter window.


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    Sorry Chuck but I beg to disagree.

    Most of the 73 cars that made it to Australia were fitted with the 72/73 Can Am series sticker. Both cars I own are 73 2.4 built in June and July of 73 and both have the same decal. I had previously owned a 73 E and it also contained the same sticker. I assume they were fitted at the factory and not at the Aussie dealerships. I have a photo of one of my cars on a motor test prior to delivery to its first owner and the 72/73 sticker is clearly visible. maybe the stickers varied with the country of delivery!

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    Chuck Miller

    window decals

    OK mate, sounds like you have some good sound evidence for the exception to the rule. All I could go by is what was in the RS book, what I've observed, and what came on my April issued 73'-S. .

    But, just for curiosity, I wonder what the 'Port of
    Entry' delivery date was to Australia. I'm just guessing but, if the intended delivered 73's sat in Germany until the end of the racing season (I think around October) then just maybe the factory would apply the 'new' decal as an advertising plus. Again,
    just a guess.......

    But like I said before,
    a big part of this web site is the information
    exchange to expand the knowlege base.


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