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    Question early 911

    Thanks for allowing a former 912 owner, and a wanna b 911s owner, access to your membership info base. I am close to purchasing an early 911 from a speed/restoration shop in the bay area and would like input from your group. I would like to know what you guy's have to say about All comments helpfull.
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    Don’t know anything about the shop (except they really need to do something about that cheesy levitating 911 on their homepage).

    But having recently purchasing a 73s long distance (i.e sight unseen); a qualified pre purchase inspection is a MUST! Best money I ever spent! Jpegs can hide many sins, and unfortunately most previous owners are sinners (at least when it comes to cutting corners). Find a good shop nearby to check it out, best not to be too “close” to the dealer. I would also recommend downloading a detailed inspection form to be completely filled out – better than just verbal communication. I found a good one on Bruce Anderson’s site. I can email one to you if you like.

    My experience was good. What would have been expensive surprises were avoided – and purchase price adjusted accordingly.

    I hope yours works out too!

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    Thanks for your responce JCR. I have travel plans that allow personal inspection of the car in 10 days. My posting was a plea for Bay Area members to advise with any experience regarding the shop and possibly nearby mechanics that would provide a 3rd party buyers inspection. I do have a quick tech question. I understand that a 67 911 may have the 901/05 engine in which case Bruce Anderson's "Porsche 911 Performance Handbook" states on pg. 56 that "...a restrictor ring was installed at the end of the header system where it joins to the muffler..." to ruduce the engine's horsepower from 140 to the advertised 130. Seems to me that a replacement, constructed of like metals to meet temp expansion and reduction/constriction rates, would get the 10 hp back. I wonder?? It is was a warm 20 degreeshere today, hope your area was a bit more enjoyable. Shawn.

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    Restrictor Rings

    A general guide for the 901/05 engine is that the instruments have green numbers. Probably all of those 901/05 cars have the restrictor ring removed by now anyway.
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    Yes, it is just bit more enjoyable here in Michigan - 28 degrees today.
    Nice 'n crisp - all the classics are in deep hibernation here, cowering from the salty roads.

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    I'm getting mixed signals from my sources but cannot state anything for the record on my own behalf. Nice legalese response, eh?
    You will likely have a hard time getting a real response unless you go to the right sources and then it's not likely that they will put it in writing. I wouldn't. He said, she said is where this is headed. Good luck.

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    I would really suggest that you dig a little deeper on this company before investing time and money.

    No personal contact with the company, but close friends who have.

    Please contact me directly for more information that I have.


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    Thanks for all responses.

    This is, in fact, the best source group for the early 911. I thank all that responded and those that host this site, and especially the individuals that participated in the original vs performance improvement discussion. For those folks I say " keep an original in your garage and hotrod the heck out of the other one. It seems though, that most of you have allready figured that out. But please, continue to hash it out. It does make for great entertainment. Finally, once agian, thanks to all that responded and visited my post, Shawn.

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    How did your purchase go with Born2BFast? I just started a whole project withthem (see '73S Restoration Project thread). Can you tell me your experience. Private message is fine or you can email me at I'm collecting info as I go so any help is much appreciated.

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    born2bfast warning

    I also posted on the general info thread that you will not hear any good reports about that shop, especially from me.

    But JCR and Soterik beat me to it. I hope you were able to get out clean. Shawn.
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