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Thread: Help with 68 911S interior originality questions

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    Help with 68 911S interior originality questions

    Help !! ERIC, Howard, other experts, I recently purchase a 1968
    S Targa, Imported into California when new, Car is good but
    what would the inserts of the seats be, I take it they would the
    basketweave, would be as in 67. or is it funky ie. Could it be a straight row tuck like the back seats. (yes I know the
    optional seat materials ) Also does anyone have a connection
    for a very good set of Door panels ( and pockets ) black for a 68 L/S and a 68 dash black. Used Nos would be great. can someone tell me if the 68 had the silver (chrome) on the end of door handle buttons and if the silver trim was the same in the rest of the car as the 67S Also any targa Top changes from 67-68


    Randy Kamperman
    Bend Oregon

    67s Sunroof Irish green
    67S targa x 2 Canary yellow and Irish green project
    68s targa black

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    B-b-buy Bushwood?!?!
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    The seat inserts could be basketweave leatherette, houndstooth cloth or corduroy.
    Sandy Isaac
    '69 911E

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    Randy, I'm no expert, but my '68S Coupe door handle buttons are all chrome on the outside, and all black plastic on the inside. Can't help you on Targa trim.

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    68 interiors

    I have an entire interior from a 68 912 Targa that is in decent shape (including the dash). I removed it back in 1985 when I wrecked the car. Those seats were the standard trim type with a headrest. The interior door handles are chrome with a black plastic cover with those awful knobs that fall off.
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    I think there is a little confussion on what the original poster is asking. He is not talking about the window crank. There is a chrome cap around the end of the armrest where the push button for the door opener is.
    Yes, the 68S cars have that piece the same as the 67S cars. Those, and the aluminum trim around the top of the panel trim are unobtainium. 67 and 68 S cars only.
    I am restoring a 68S soft window from Cali also. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Mine is almost finished.

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    door panels

    Oh yeh, the door panels. 68 cars only. The worst design ever. Even if you find a nice set, they will look less than perfect on a restored car. I found a set off a 912 from Cali and paid $$ for them. Even the well know interior shops will tell you there is nothing they can do for restoring 68 panels/door pockets. You better look in to the ones the poster from RI has.

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    Rick, not to argue with you, but my unrestored, imported into CA car in 1968 has black plastic push buttons. Maybe Targa's and Coupes had different buttons in 1968.
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    YES, the button it's self is black!
    I thought the original poster was asking about the cap on the end of the armrest where the button sticks out and surrounds the base of the button.

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    Yeah, his question is a little vague.

    So are you saying that on your car, the bezel, where the button sticks out, is chromed/silver? Mine is black plastic. In fact, I'm going to pick it up this afternoon from the upholstery place....
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    1968 S - #477
    Mostly Stock

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    Cap on the end of the Handle on 67 not 68

    I have two and a project 67Ss and the silver button appears on all three, I also have an L (which has an Identical trim package to the S in 68, and the 68s do not have the silver caps. The 68 Brochure German has no cap in the picture and American brochure(L) Model has no cap either.

    The rest of the silver trim is intact,

    Boy am I getting retentive !!!

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