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Thread: east coasters

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    east coasters

    I am up in Burlington Vt. The early S cars are spread pretty thin up my way. The NYC area has a few good ones. The season is about over for us in the northeast. The Registry has formed a east coast chapter based out of the Paradise Gararge at Lime Rock. We had a nice gathering Labor Day weekend that shows we have strength in the east. We'll keep you informed.

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    Unleashed in the East

    Too bad I wasn't paying attention! I was at the vintage races at LRP and it would have been perfect to stop in at Paradise.

    I'm happy that there are enough of us out here for get togethers... the winter can't go by quick enough for me. Maybe we could do some tech/garage meetings?


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    Again Jol, welcome aboard !Yes, you missed a great time put on by Frank and friends. There will be more!

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    East coast chapter

    The East coast chapter includes Virginia.
    Frank Gallogly contacted the board of directors for the early 911S registry several months ago and asked about forming a east coast chapter. The board gave the green light, and within a very short time period Frank and company had set the whole deal up, and to include a nice Labor day cook out at Frank's gararge across form Lime Rock Park.
    So event, come on up!
    Don't wanta hear, "it's to far".!! I have traveled to the west coast from Vt. for about every major Early 911S event, and R Gruppe event the last 6 years.
    The east coast chapter is less than a year old. As things get established, and the early S population grows even further, they could be more chapters in the future.
    I now feel lucky that I only have to drive 4 hours to get my 911S fix!

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    Looking forward to meeting you and your car!

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    Looking forward to meeting you and your car!

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    Originally posted by sithot

    My remarks were tongue-in-cheek. Of course I would make an attempt to thwart the border patrol and make a run to an East Coast event.


    Seems like the Hershey swap meet would be a great place for Early Ss to meet up in the spring....though I have an "E" rather than an "S"

    95 968 cabriolet
    69 911e 3.0 transplant (sold)

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    You mean they let Virginians out of the Commonwealth these days?

    Back in my 'youth' I was assured by the long time residents of Alexandria that even DC was foreign soil, contaminated by those Northern folks who just didn't understand.....

    Glad to hear they were right.

    Ah, to have an R Gruppe chapter over here......

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    Now there is a good idea!
    The only problem is that I spend every minute at Hershey loooking for those sought after treasures. Maybe we could get some preferred parking close to the swap meet entrance.
    We'll have to give that some serous consideration.
    Good idea.

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    Hershey Garage

    Maybe we could bring a lift and install parts as we find them, then put FOR SALE signs on our cars when completed!

    Just kidding.

    It does seem like the real meeting time would be after hours. The swap meet is so big it really consumes your daylight hours.

    What are the dates?

    Also, any plans for Rennsport II?


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