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Thread: Outside mirror options

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    Outside mirror options

    This is not exactly a cross post. More like an extension. I wanted to know what mirrors I should/could use on the 911. OK, I heard Durant up to '71 (my year). Talbot as an option. Flag for '72-73.

    Well, BIG problems. I got some Durants. My choices were 4" dia. for 60's 911's and 4 1/2 dia. for '70-71. I get the larger and it is truley a POS. What's more, since I have holes on the pass side, I go to install that one first. It won't turn or go down far enough to be usable. Runs into it's own base. Clearly not designed to be used on pass side. So, they go back.

    I'd like to use L & R mirrors if possible especially since the pass door has access holes indicating that it really was an option. Not to mention that I already have holes.

    I, once again, need your help. BTW, I talked to 3 different of our well known parts houses, and on this one they don't have a clue.

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    useless mirror...

    My 67 has a dealer installed 4" passenger durant mirror, it is placed in the same door location as the driver side...and is completely blocked by the A post. I feel your pain.

    I have tried a 4.5" passenger side talbot and I can see, maybe 20% of the mirror face. I am ready to pull the mirror and put little black rubber buttons in the holes. My suggestion, go with the 72 style flag chrome of course.

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    could should??

    Not clear what you mean here. If you are not a councours nut you can put some chrome rectangular BMW mirrors on -- they look almost exactly stock -- except for the stems which have a different curve to them.

    The Durant mirros are cute but don't function very well as mirrors.

    Are yo considering flag or 993 aero mirrors? I don'tthink they would look right on an early car.

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    I guess I should have made myself a little more clear. I'm only considering correct and period correct mirrors. Jeez, I rebuilt the entire braking system with less trouble.

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    Talbot mirrors are still available but expensive. Lest there be any misunderstanding, the Talbot name and design are now owned by a gentleman in the Los Angeles area. They don't come from Europe.

    In the early days of 911s, if you ordered Talbot mirrors, they came in a box and you got to drill the holes to mount them. There's no "correct" spot for them.

    The hole spacing is not the same as for Durant mirrors. Also, if you want a passenger side Talbot mirror to reflect a piece of your car in its view then you will have to mount it at an angle (I think this is the case for some of the rare 904s I've seen).

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    You are indeed 'up against the wall' ..... the stock small rounds don't work worth a damn...

    One sugestion is trying the R/L reproduction early flag mirrors that Performance has (# 910990 and 910991 - $79.95 ea.)


    The factory NEVER had a right side small rectangle mirror ... a couple of years ago a vender casted them up and Performance seals them. More bad news is that both left and right reproduction small rectangles are poor quality. Where the stainless surrounds the glass is rippled where it's crimped.

    Wish I could come up with more options...

    Maybe period racing mirrors isn't such a bad idea...
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    The help here is awesome. This is my 3rd project car is 4 years. I tend to forget that it is a tough road. Both of the previous cars has taken about a 1000 hrs and maybe an hour or two each night on the Internet. God, do I wish I could just walk into the import auto store and buy this stuff like I used to.

    Some of my earlier projects were a '36 and a '50 MG (Moss Motors)
    A few Corvettes (lots of sources, but that was 30 years ago)
    A Jag (tough one, never do it again)
    A '44 Jeep, Deployed as a US Navy communications vehicle (lots of sources for military vehicle parts) Still in the stable.
    A bunch of VW's: Transporters, Vans and Bugs, mostly convertables (we all know about how much stuff is out there for VDubs)
    A '77 Targa (I spent too much money on that car)
    And I rebuilt the front end of my '89 Chevy PU when some girl hit it while parked last year. Totaled, but back on the street in 2 weeks)

    But Porsches ain't easy. It's been a tough day.

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    Stick with it Zeke...

    Think of all the up-sides... least of which is sharing your 'illness' with the likes of us ... and vice versa...

    Chuck Miller
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    Who sells Talbots?

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    Zeke, I vote Talbot. They are pricey, but one option you might consider is looking for some Shelby Mustang/Cobra mirrors from the 60/70's. They used Talbots (or Talbot look-a-likes??). Here's one source that sells repro's for fairly cheap:

    Also, my original 71 Durant has a small stone ding and I'm considering replacing it. Are you saying the repro's available are poor quality??? If so, I may also go to a Talbot style. My concern is whether the Talbot base will cover the same area as the Durant base. I don't want any 'indentations' in the paint from the original mirror exposed. -- Curt

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