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Thread: MFI primer

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    MFI primer

    I have recently bought a 1971 2.2S locally which was a UK delivery originally . Very happy so far . I don't know why I spent so many years wrestling with the 915 in front of torquey motors when I could have been REALLY enjoying myself again !!
    One item that I am not familiar with is the MFI primer on the dash between the steering column and the vent controls . I have discovered when pushed several times ( 6 or 8 ) helps start the motor more quickly than not using it .
    No pics as I am not of the computer generation , but it is a little anodised button about 1/4 inch long - springloaded .
    Over to the MFI Einstiens - how does this gizmo work ?

    - How did those Pommie pensioners happen to beat us last night ??
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    This is not a factory item. The MFI set up doesn't require any cold start priming as it has an automatic cold start solenoid and enrichening device
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    You may have a remote cold start push-button like many people such as myself have installed. The factory cold start system has a solenoid on top of the fuel distributor/filter assembly that can be re-wired from ignition start circuit to a manually operated, cockpit mounted, push button. The solenoid opens a valve that lets a small ammount of raw fuel into the side of each intake (the small diameter fuel lines running from the fuel filter assembly to the side of the intakes).The advantage I found is a precise control over the ammount of fuel on start up. I find this very helpful when tuning MFI as they can be very balky on start when warm if not perfecly tuned.
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    Definately not factory. My Kremer RS has a primer button on the shifter linkage cover on the rear tunnel. I do not have the original warmup parts on the car. When I purchased the car it had detailed instructions on when and for how long to push the button!



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    Originally posted by Rennman
    When I purchased the car it had detailed instructions on when and for how long to push the button!
    You sure it's not the NOS button? Hit the gas!!!


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    Glad to hear I'm not the only one with a primer button.

    Great fun though......anti theft, even those who are supposed to be driving it cannot get it started...

    Almost every time it goes to the shop I get a call....

    Another thing that makes the whole experience starting an aircraft

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