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Thread: Any information on this car?

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    Any information on this car?

    I came across this phota and I really like this car. I was hoping someone had some more information on it. I really like the wheels and the wheel arch trim. Does anyone have any more information on it?
    1973 T

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    It's a 73 911T

    Based on pure observation, the rubber rear bumpers, the fixed vent windows, the flag mirror, and the license plate, would indicate that it's a brown 73 911T licensed in Cali.
    The brown looks a little light for Sepia, but it could be faded from age. Those wheels throw me for a loss though. They are deep set rims, much deeper than the later model steel wheels offered stock in 73. They could be rare 356 race rims?! We need a wheel expert here.........

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    The car is a '73 T owned by a shop owner in Orange County. I forget his name, off hand.

    The wheel trims are factory options and the car has widened steel wheels (7") and a twin plug 2.9 litre motor. The colour is indeed Sepia Brown.
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    I took that photo in Monte-Rey. I was really taken with the wheels and fender trim as well...good look. 2.9 liter twin-plug, yowza!! Here's another;
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    Looks like a nice "sleeper" to me. Alas, if it were only green.

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    Originally posted by sithot
    Looks like a nice "sleeper" to me. Alas, if it were only green.

    What's everyone's fasination with green? Looks kinda Kermit to me. Personally, I like silver. Very elegant.


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    Sleeper is Right

    A 2.9 twin plug hidden under the hood of a 911T with steel wheels would be a big surprise!
    I have recently been thinking about buying a 912 emblem for my engine deck lid (which currently hides a 2.4S+ engine) just to get a kick out the expression of the guys in the newer cars when you pass by them. There is not a fine line between a sport sedan and a sports car. It will leave people with a new respect for 912's.
    If the owner of the above car really wanted to throw people off, he should go back to a stock muffler, which would make the car sound stock and sound stock until he hits the throttle...

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    Sleeper steelies

    Cool wheels @ MonteRey... I think that those steelies are 16s. Truck rims with Porsche (duh) centers. I spoke to the owner... have something with his name somewhere.

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    There are more sweet cars here

    Pic crawler, Shawn.
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    That blue early 911 behind the brown 73 is hot too

    How about the blue 911 behind the brown 73T. It looks like a 66 or 67 - based on the fact that the wipers on the off position rest on the passenger side instead of the drivers side (so much for my cheap detective work).
    Also, check out the yellow headlight lenses. Did any other counrties beside France and Belgioum require cars delivered with yellow headlights?
    On the subject of lights, he is ready to do some night driving. He's got the early horn grille 128's - and a set of Cibies. Nice. Any more pic's of this one available? I'd like to see his interior. Probably a few goodies in there too.

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