NEW wiring harness for 1965>1967 911 (also for 912). It is german made using metric size wire in the correct color and stripes. Being brand new, it is soft and supple. Fitted ends have been tinned. All slde on connections in ;lace and ready for connection. Each wire is noted and tagged for correct installation. Instructions in german and color wiring diagram in english.

Unique connections are unavailable but I have a servicable set of three through the body plastic connection and the corresponding plugs from the wiper switch and headlight dimer, plus a lower half of a fuse box that I will include with this harness.

The harness has both dash to engine and dash to headlight looms including the battery to starter wire.

If you are preparing or contemplating the concourse restoration of the early 9 series car this is the item that will be the hardest to get. Not for the faint of heart. Only have one. $1200. Add $100 for the other connections and fuse box. Shipping USPS priority mail at 15 lbs.

Bob Fleming