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Thread: Re-aligning drivers door, engine lid

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    Re-aligning drivers door, engine lid

    My driver's door ('69) is not closing. I recently purchased the car and the appraiser said it likely had been in an accident at some time. The door does stick out a few millimeters at the front near the front fender. Need to slam it hard to close. Also the rear lid doesnt close well on the right side. Stays up a bit.
    Any idea on how to adjust these two?

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    You don't say whether the rear lid stays up at the bottom or the top. Lets take the top as it is more difficult. Adjustment is accoplished with washers. You may have too many. If you have none, put some in the rear bolt (towards back) between the hinge arm and the lid underbracing. It will come down about half of what the total height of the washers are. Or remount the hinges lower with washers/spacers under the package tray.

    On the door, the 12 pt. hings bolts loose and you can move it around. Some have to be filed oblong if the car is whacked. Again with washers to line up the rear of the door with the qurater panel. Many cars have raised sills due to rust and stress on the jack reciever. Door work can be more than door work. You can also grind off the edge and bottom of the door to fit even margins, but you have to weld up wherever you grind thru the fold. so start with the hinges and do what you can and then flush it up with the rear quarter. You might have to add some bondo to bring things flush all up and down front and back egde of door. Then trim your margins.

    If these methods don't do it right, get that car on a frame machine and pull it into shape.

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    Thanks Zeke,

    Wrt rear lid question,

    The rear lid is raised at the bottom right corner. Don't know if the latch is the problem or the lid is out of alignment.

    Thanks again, Steve '69

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    You can adjust the heights on each side by the rubber bump stops that screw into the lid. Then adjust the latch so that it holds the lid down to both sides. Many cars are missing the bump stops. They are readily available and cheap.

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    Great. Yes, there are no bump stops on either side of the lid. How do you adjust the latch that holds the rear lid down?

    Thanks again, cheers, Steve

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